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Nilco Toilet & Urinal Cleaner

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Product Code: 5026

Nilco Toilet & Urinal Cleaner 1 litre One - 5026-1-1
Nilco Toilet & Urinal Cleaner 1 litre Pack of 6 - 5026-1-6
Nilco Toilet & Urinal Cleaner 5 litre One - 5026-5-1
Nilco Toilet & Urinal Cleaner 5 litre Pack of 4 - 5026-5-4

Nilco toilet cleaner is a solvent free cleaner that leaves toilets sparkling and hygienically clean. Containing a powerful biocide it kills most germs and organisms effectively and removes all limescale and hard water deposits. In handy, ready to use formulation.

Nilco professional cleaning products are ready to use and specially formulated for use on all hard surfaces in kitchens, reception, lounge and dining areas as well as bathrooms in the professional environment. For health and safety training purposes, you can build your own product support pack, with downloads and print offs of safety data sheets, pack labels and usage instructions.