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Wall Mounted Soap Dispensers

A Wall mounted soap dispenser, shampoo or soap dispenser wall brackets for your toiletries are a great solution in your guest bathrooms. Simple to install and easy to top-up, Dispensers provide a contemporary look in any modern bathroom. Our sleek black or chrome soap dispenser wall brackets securely fit a wide selection of 300ml toiletries including shampoo, conditioner, hand and body wash bottles.

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Refillable Toiletry Dispensers for hotel washroom

Choose from a stylish range of soap dispensers and wall brackets, the perfect solution for your refillable guest toiletries. They help provide a clean and simple dispensing solution for shampoo, conditioner, and body wash, and can be fitted securely to a bathroom wall. These hotel wall mounted soap dispenser is available in single, double, and triple combinations and are easy to refill and top-up. Out of Eden also supply free-standing dispensers for liquid soap and hand wash.

The soap and shampoo dispenser is specifically designed for hotels, so it is as easy as possible for housekeepers to refill and give a sleek finish to your bathrooms.

Need a spare part? don't worry, we have spare parts available for most of the soap dispensers in our range.

What are the benefits of using a wall mounted dispenser?

Using a wall mounted dispenser for soap has several benefits. It saves space, keeps the area clean and organized, prevents wastage of soap, and allows for easy dispensing with just one hand. Additionally, it reduces the spread of germs by minimizing contact with shared surfaces.

How often should you refill a wall mounted dispenser?

The frequency of refilling a wall mounted dispenser depends on the volume of usage and the size of the dispenser. It is recommended to check the dispensers regularly and refill them as needed to ensure a continuous supply of soap without any interruptions.

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