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Napkins & Serviettes

Browse our selection of restaurant quality white napkins, from elegant cloth napkins to premium textured Airlaid paper napkins and convenient paper serviettes. Fabric napkins add a touch of class to your guests dining experience, whilst they are also designed to maintain their strength and durability wash after wash. Enjoy the convenience of disposable napkins with the quality feel of Airlaid Tablin paper napkins or our budget friendly 2-ply paper napkins.

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11 products

Our cloth napkins are the perfect complement to white tableware and they are ideal for restaurants because of their longevity and quality. You can choose from cotton napkins or polyester napkins that have a linen-like feel. If you require the convenience of paper napkins with the luxurious feel of linen, consider Airlaid Tablin paper napkins which are thicker and more textured than regular napkins. Then there is also our budget friendly 2-ply napkins that are handy to have in any café, hotel or B&B restaurant service. 

What are Airlaid Tablin napkins?

Airlaid Tablin Napkins are disposable paper napkins that feature thicker quality paper and offer a more luxurious feel to regular paper napkins. The textured surface of an Airlaid Tablin paper napkin has a linen-like feel. If you are looking for a high-quality napkin that, in being disposable, doesn’t require any washing or ironing, consider Airlaid Tablin napkins.

Which is the best napkin for you?

Choosing the right napkin for your establishment depends upon the type of service you offer and your interior. High-end restaurants may choose to use fabric napkins as they look elegant and add a premium quality to dining service. Fabric napkins are also re-usable and they wash and iron well. Common fabrics for napkins include 100% polyester or the more luxurious 100% cotton variety.

High-end cafes and bistros may opt for luxury paper napkins like Airlaid Tablin because of the high quality, robust feel and the convenience they offer in being disposable.

For those who are simply looking for a regular disposable paper napkins to offer guests at a food or buffet service, there is always the dependable budget friendly 2-ply paper napkin.  

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