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Creating a sustainable future by operating a sustainable business

Out of Eden is a values-led organisation and one which considers sustainability to be a continuous process. We recognise our responsibility to manage and reduce the impact of our activities, products, and services on the environment and will always seek opportunities for improvement. By being ethical and helpful, valuing our customers, nurturing our people, and being involved in the local, national and global community, Out of Eden will continue to be a profitable & sustainable business.

Our product development team work hard to source new products that will help businesses meet the daily challenges of operating their hospitality businesses. More recently, this has included additional challenges presented by the COVID pandemic, yet our commitment to introducing ranges that align with our values remain unchanged.

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Products with purpose

Like many in the hospitality sector, we’re striving to minimise single-use plastic and become a more eco-friendly business wherever we can. If we can’t remove single-use plastic entirely, then we have sought to replace virgin plastic with recycled plastic as well as expanding the number of toiletries and cleaning products with bulk refill options. 

We’ve introduced Bright Earth, an eco-friendly range of cleaning products and refillable toiletries. We are also in regular contact with brands like Bio D as they continue to develop new products that clean effectively yet with minimal impact on the environment. 

One might assume that there’s a price to pay for high standards, but our commitment to our customers means products are affordable and priced competitively.

Boxing clever means less packaging

Smaller pack sizes have been part of our service offering for more than 20 years – our customers asked for this, and we were happy to oblige – but we also took the step to invest in our packaging to ensure there’s as little waste as possible. 

We’ve dedicated serious time to the humble cardboard box, introducing a range of different sizes and formats to make sure that every order is securely packed in a carton that’s best suited to what’s inside with as little extra padding as possible. 

We’ll also split multi-packs into smaller or single units to supply you with what you need, and not just what’s convenient for us. 

All that’s missing from our delivery packages is excessive single use plastic. We don’t use bubble wrap or air pillows, polystyrene or synthetic loose fill materials; you don’t like them, we don’t like them, so we don’t use them!

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Reducing the amount of waste we create

The amount of general waste collected from Out of Eden in 2020 was 5.59 tonnes. We appreciate this is still a significant figure and one which we are actively working to reduce however, in real terms, this equates to less than one 360L wheelie bin each week.

Only a portion of this waste will actually go to landfill as it is mostly re-sorted and any materials which can be recycled are reclaimed (e.g. soft plastic, cardboard, paper, toner cartridges, staff crisp packets).

We are constantly seeking ways to become a more eco-friendly business which is why we collect all polythene pallet wrapping from deliveries from our suppliers. In the year up to 31st December 2020, this totalled 1.46 tonnes, all of which was sent to be recycled.

Waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) is collected from us to be broken-down and sorted for recycling and reprocessing where possible.

Helping achieve net zero in Cumbria

The 2021 climate report, released by the United Nation’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, detailed the impact of climate breakdown, and emphasised the urgency of action.

Due to the geographical region that Cumbria occupies, it has an increased risk of drought and flooding. However, the county also has the potential to be a climate leader and networks in Cumbria are working towards transforming Cumbria into a carbon neutral county by 2037.

Out of Eden is part of the Eco-Innovation Catalyst with Lancaster University which has produced a roadmap designed to help Cumbrian SME’s in the food and drink sector achieve the net zero carbon ambition by signposting to resources and encouraging a proactive approach to the net-zero carbon aim through integrating strategy and sustainable practice.

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Our commitment to the local community

The opening of our new warehouse in May 2020 – our biggest single expansion to date – was also an opportunity for Out of Eden to underline our commitment to support economic sustainability for the local community in and around Kirkby Stephen.

From our rural Cumbrian base between the Pennines and Lakeland Fells, we provide rewarding employment for over 80 staff in diverse roles from sales and marketing, product development and customer services to IT, delivery and despatch.

We will always endeavour to protect jobs and, where possible, create the right conditions for job creation for employment which involves decent work with equal pay without discrimination.

It may have become a cliché but, more than ever, the past year has demonstrated that people are central to any successful organisation. Out of Eden is proud of each and every one of our team, their enthusiasm and contribution to help make us a leading and much-loved supplier to the UK hospitality industry.

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