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Toilet Sign for Hotel Bathrooms

Ensure your guests comply with your requests and don’t flush anything away that’s going to cause issues with your waste disposal with these information sanitary disposal toilet signs. These handy reminders can save you so much trouble (and unnecessary expense) in the long-term! Your guests can also avoid needless washing of unused towels, and our guest notices for use in hotel bathrooms will help them do their little bit for the planet and helping you save on laundry costs.

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5 products

Self-adhesive information sticker or a toilet sign for hotel, guest house, self-catering and holiday cottage bathrooms are a convenient and cost-effective way of communicating with your guests. These bathroom stickers, labels and signs can get the message across and help avoid unwanted items being flushed down the toilet and blocking sewers and septic tanks. Housekeepers will also appreciate guests placing used towels in the bath or shower, with unused ones left where they are.

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