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Laundry Bags

Laundry bags are a tried and tested solution used by hotels and serviced accommodation providers the world over and offer housekeepers a simple solution to sorting their laundry with the classic canvas laundry sack and laundry hamper. For your guest’s garments which require laundering, we offer simple plastic sacks with drawstring closures or, for a more stylish and sustainable solution, our black cotton embroidered laundry bags which can be embroidered with your establishment name or logo.

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8 products

Hotel Laungry Bags

Whether you’re doing a complete changeover or simply refreshing the robes and towels, having a handy laundry sack or hamper is a great addition for any housekeeper. Our commercial laundry bags will make everything much easier for your cleaning team, saving them unnecessary time organising washing loads. We offer a choice of either housekeeping canvas laundry sacks or laundry hampers for housekeepers in hotels and guest houses, available in red, green and blue. Our black embroidered commercial laundry bags and disposable plastic laundry bags are ideal for guests who require their garments to be laundered.

What are laundry bags and how do they work?

Laundry bags are bags specifically designed to hold dirty laundry. They typically have a drawstring or zipper closure to keep the clothes secure inside. Laundry bags help prevent clothes from getting lost or damaged in the washing machine and make it easier to transport laundry from one place to another.

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