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Bed Linen Care Advice for Hotels & Hospitality

Articles | Out of Eden - 28.01.2021


Nobody adores pilled sheets or worn-out bed linens. Here is a handy guide on how to keep your linens looking at their best, guest after guest.

How to stop your bed sheets from wearing out and pilling 

Pilling (pill-ing) occurs when loose pieces of fabric create a fuzzy layer, or tiny fluff balls, on what was once a silky-smooth bed sheet. Even the very best bed sheets can experience pilling. You can remove pilling, but first it is best to learn how to avoid it with these simple laundry techniques. 

1. Don't mix Polycotton sheets with 100% Cotton sheets

Always pay attention to the laundry care labels on your sheets. Different fabrics often require subtle changes in laundry methods and it is best to refer to the care table in order to maintain the longevity of your fabrics. Further more, synthetic fibres may break and pill if they are washed or dried with 100% cotton sheets

2. Don’t mix sheets and towels   

It makes sense not to mix these two completely different fabrics together. When rough towels and smooth sheets are mixed in the laundry, It causes friction and loose fibres that pill your sheets.

3. Choose gentler spin cycles

High-spin cycles can sometimes cause knotting and heavily crumpled sheets, which can wear sheets out over time. For all sheets, pillow cases and duvet covers from Out of Eden, a wash setting with a spin cycle of 1000 - 1200 rpm is recommended. This also makes the ironing easier!

4. If you tumble dry, use a cool setting and do not over-dry 

Overdrying and tumble drying at high temperatures can quickly degrade the fabric of your guest bed sheets. We recommend tumble drying at a low heat setting, with a maximum temperature of 80°C.

5. Iron on a cotton setting

Many irons will have a cotton setting and this the setting that we recommend when ironing both 100% cotton and polycotton bed sheets, duvet covers and pillow cases.

To make ironing easier:

  • Use lower spin cycles to prevent heavily crumpled sheets 
  • Unload sheets from the washing machine soon after the cycle ends to stop creases setting in

More tips on how to keep your bed sheets at their best

luxury bedding

Don't overfill your machines      

Overfilling your machine can be costly and is likely to be counter productive when it comes to saving energy.  

  • It can result in patchy cleaning and uneven drying
  • Sheets that have been in an overloaded drum will likely need a second cycle to finish the job
  • Too large a load can put unexpected pressure on the machine drum and cause damage to the machine itself

 As a rough guide, aim to fill your machines to no more than 3/4 full. This is the case for both washers and tumble dryers. 

Avoid optical brighteners      

Some laundry cleaners contain chemical additives called Optical Brighteners. They make sheets appear brighter. But did you know it's only an illusion? 

Optical brighteners absorb UV rays from the sun and reflect them back which gives the illusion of whiter whites. Over time, optical brighteners may degrade your fabric and cause premature yellowing. Furthermore, optical brighteners don’t biodegrade so they may not be recommended if you’re concerned about the effects of non-biodegradable substances on the environment.

Wash whites, darks and colours separately        

In order to prevent fabric dye from running out and dulling your white or cream coloured sheets, put them into separate loads.

If you are washing patterned or coloured fabrics, remember to turn the duvet covers or pillowcases inside out before the cycle starts to stop them from fading.

Start out with hotel quality bed linen

Imagine how many changeovers that your holiday let, guest house or Airbnb could see over a year. How do you know how your duvet covers, flat sheets, pillowcases and fitted sheets will look after all those wash cycles?

With this in mind, there are laundry companies in the UK who test and accredit fabrics for the hospitality trade. The Laundry Technology Centre (LTC) in Leeds is an independent tester of laundry who rigorously analyse weaves and fibres to see how they perform after numerous wash cycles. A certification by the LTC is a quality assurance that your bed linens will last. This accreditation can reap rewards for accommodation providers in the long run, who notice: 

  • They don’t need to repurchase bed sheets as often
  • Sheets wash and iron well
  • Sheets maintain their quality wash after wash  

Useful laundry symbols to help you buy

Whether you use an industrial laundry or a domestic laundry to clean your guest bed linens, we have fabrics that have been tested to meet the demands of each. Look out for these identifiers when shopping with us

To help make your decision making easier we are able to provide fabric samples on selected ranges. Use our Online Sample Order Form or look out for this swatch icon in our catalogue

This icon will help you to identify the thread count of fabric you are looking for. Out of Eden offer a range of bed linens from 144TC fabrics to those with a silkier and lightweight feel up to 400TC

Easy size identification for tidier changeovers

colour code

Bed sheets and duvet covers from Out of Eden have sewn-in colour-coded tabs for effortless size identification: 

  • blue for single
  • green for double
  • yellow for king 
  • pink for super king

time to get inspired

Have you seen checked out these bed linens from Out of Eden?

anti-pill blanket

Eascare Satin Stripe

This bed linen range is made from a soft touch polycotton fabric that is designed speed up your laundry time


SEERSUCKER bed linen

The Seersucker Duvet Set is a modern showstopper, with minimal to zero ironing required


Egyptian Cotton

For guests, there's nothing quite like tucking in under Luxury Egyptian Cotton sheets, available in 200-400TC

anti-pill blanket

Anti-pill blanket

This Anti-pill Fleece Blanket is perfect for guest use because it can withstand regular wash cycles without pilling

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