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Hand Wash & Hand Soap

You’ll be only too aware that thorough washing of hands with a liquid sanitising hand wash is a great way to ensure your hands are as clean as they can be, with bars of soap and non-antibacterial hand washes also providing effective protection. The Out of Eden range of effective hand soap includes wonderful fragrances from Scottish Fine Soaps, Cole & Lewis and Bright Earth, with 5-litre sizes also available for refilling existing bottles.

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Refillable Hand Soap Solutions for Effective Hygiene

Keeping your hands clean is proven to be one of the most effective ways of preventing the spread of a virus or contracting harmful germs and bacteria. Out of Eden’s range of leading refillable hand soap includes Scottish Fine Soaps, Faith in Nature, Odyssey, Bright Earth, Cole & Lewis and many more. All feature a wonderful array of fragrances for you to choose from, and all provide effective hand cleaning and sanitising properties, with 5-litre refills also available for topping-up bottles. The antibacterial hand soap refill from Janstar or Bright Earth is perfect for topping up your guest or public bathroom soap dispensers.

What are the benefits of using hand wash over regular soap?

Using hand wash over regular soap offers benefits like added convenience, hygiene, and portability. Hand wash often comes in pump bottles, making it easier to use without creating a mess. Its controlled dispensing also reduces the chances of contamination compared to shared bar soaps.

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