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Make the Switch: Go Green with Commercial Cleaning Products

Articles | Sustainability - 13.02.2024

Janstar Commercial Cleaning is Making Eco Changes  

Janstar, a commercial cleaning brand for the hospitality sector, have been making new developments to its range to incorporate more sustainable cleaning products with eco values at their core. Read on to learn more about the innovative products Janstar are now offering.

Gone are the days when you had to sacrifice time, money, and heaven forbid, compromise on cleanliness, in order to adopt a more eco-conscious cleaning routine. With the rise in demand for eco friendly cleaning, there are many affordable products available that offer powerful cleaning solutions whilst being kinder to the environment. 

In this blog, we will look at several amazing 'eco swaps' that you need to know about when it comes to cleaning your guest accommodation.

Choose Smarter Cleaning to Reduce Plastic Consumption

While we may think that most plastics get recycled, it is estimated that only 9% of global plastics actually make it to the recycling centre, with the rest being either mismanaged or going into landfill.* 

As consumers, we can choose smarter cleaning solutions to reduce our reliance on plastic, such as buying cleaners in bulk, or choosing concentrated commercial cleaners. These solutions reduce our plastic waste and can also save money in the long run, too.

Janstar Bulk Commercial Cleaner

Bulk Cleaning Supplies Reduce Plastic Waste and Save Money

One bulk 5 litre cleaning formula from Out of Eden will fill up to 6 standard bottles of cleaner, and could potentially provide you with a saving of over 40%**. Not to mention, having 5 litres of formula means you can just refill the same spray bottle. This replaces a further 5 spray bottles, thereby reducing your contribution to plastic waste.

The Problem with Water

Did you know that the biggest ingredient of many conventional cleaning products is 'Aqua', that is: 'Water'! Such products require room in transport from manufacturer to retailer, this can result in hefty transport costs and an unnecessarily large carbon footprint. 

These costs can be avoided simply by removing the water. 

Janstar 'Just-Add-Water' Commercial Cleaning Solutions 

With Janstars' innovative concentrated cleaning products, they've reduced this costly water and reduced the cost to you, without compromising on cleaning results. The powerful, anti-viral, anti-bacterial cleaning formulas remain the same, all you need to do is just add water! 

Buy these Super Concentrate Cleaners

Janstar Multi-Purpose Cleaner Super Concentrate

Lose the clutter of multiple cleaning products with Janstar Multi-Purpose Cleaner Super Concentrate. This versatile commercial cleaner is designed to tackle all waterproof hard surfaces, including bathrooms, floors and mirrors, making it the perfect solution for all your cleaning needs. One 2 litre container provides enough formula to make up a whopping 200 bottles of ready-to-use multi-purpose spray (when diluted to a 1/8 ratio). 

The powerful formula is proven to kill 99.999% of bacteria, including ecoli, and is also effective to destroy viruses. It leaves behind a refreshing zesty lemon scent which is perfect to freshen up a room.

Janstar Cleaning Tablets

Don't miss Janstar Multi-Surface Cleaner Dissolvable Tablets. These innovative capsules can be dissolved into water (one tablet = one bottle) to create a powerful cleaning solution that is effective to kill 99.999% of bacteria in 30 seconds. The formula gets to work on all surfaces including kitchen surfaces, bathrooms and bedrooms. It is non-tainting, meaning it does not leave a scent, which makes it perfect to use in food preparation areas. 

The compact tablets take up little to no room to store - so you save on space. What's more, it has no bulky plastic packaging.

Colour-coded Spray Bottle

These handy Colour Coded Trigger Spray Bottles feature measurements in ml and fluid ounces and will make a useful addition to your cleaning cupboard, particularly when you're refilling from a 5 litre container or making up concentrated cleaners. 

We recommend that you use the colour coded system on the bottles to identify different cleaning solutions. 

What are the Practical Advantages Switching to Greener Cleaning Products?

Going green with your commercial cleaning products not only benefits the environment but also offers practical and money-saving advantages. Concentrated cleaning products save on space in your cleaning cupboard, and multi-surface cleaners reduce the need for multiple cleaning products.  

Buying bulk cleaning products mean that you don't need to buy cleaners as often. All of these solutions will save you money in the long run and reduce your plastic waste enormously, which is an additional bonus when you are working to help the environment! 

Bright Earth Cleaning Range  

If you are looking for a non-commercial Eco-friendly range that is suitable for your hospitality business, choose Bright Earth cleaning.

Bright Earth is made from naturally derived, plant-based vegan ingredients. Like Janstar, the cleaning formulas are completely biodegradable. They are also available in bulk supply which helps save on cost and reduces plastic waste.  You can choose from a variety of great ethical products such as their washing up liquid and dermatologically tested laundry detergent. All of the bottles are made from recycled materials, with 10% of profits donated to charity.

*2022 study by OECD 

** Based on the current price of 6 Janstar Multi Purpose Spray 750m bottles vs. Janstar Multi Purpise Cleaner 5L. February 2024.

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