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Yorkshire Tea

A great tea brand which finds favour for its flavour right across the UK, Yorkshire Tea is sure to get a great reception from your guests. With popular blends of black tea, Yorkshire Tea and Yorkshire Gold produce a wonderfully full-bodied beverage that can be enjoyed at any time of day. Supplied as single serving, individually wrapped tea bags with string and tag, these great teas from Taylors of Harrogate offer guests a great start to their day and a comforting brew to unwind with.

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4 products

Instantly recognisable and widely loved, you know your guests will be delighted to discover Yorkshire Tea and Yorkshire Gold tea bags ready and waiting on their bedroom welcome trays. Offering guests a well needed cup of comfort, Yorkshire Tea is one of the UK’s leading everyday tea brands and these individually wrapped, string and tag tea bags are a great addition to you bedroom refreshments. Yorkshire Gold is a full-bodied blend of teas from Assam, Kenya and Rwanda, harvested from the top ten tea gardens in the world. Yorkshire Tea and Yorkshire Gold are available from Out of Eden in catering packs of individually wrapped tea bags.

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