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Ensure that your guests don’t oversleep and miss breakfast or checkout by furnishing their rooms with a quality, dependable alarm clock. Out of Eden are stockists of hotel alarm clocks created by Cubie, which are both practical and very stylish. Relatively small in size, they won’t take up much space on your bedside tables. Cubie hotel alarm clocks are mains powered, feature USB charging ports and include a security clamp to ensure they stay in your rooms!

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2 products

Cubie Duo and Cubie Wink alarm clocks are designed and made specifically for use in hospitality establishments such as hotels and guest houses. These digital smart alarm clocks for guest rooms are mains powered (with battery included for back-up) along with handy USB ports that can be used to charge your guests mobile phones and tablets while they sleep. These alarm clocks are perfectly sized, so they won't be taking up all the room on the bedside table. These alarm clocks also include a security C-clamp which allows this piece of tech to be fixed to your bedroom furniture.

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