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Holiday Letting Advice: Tableware & Kitchen Checklist

article | Self Catering - 12.01.2023

When it comes to stocking your holiday let kitchen with those all important catering essentials, there are some practical tableware items that can really work to support your self-catering business. Whether you are hosting a large group or one guest, the right tableware can make planning all the more easier and it also makes good economic sense in the long run.

item #1

The best crockery for a holiday let

Vitrified crockery, or vitrified hotelware, is popular in commercial and self-catering environments because:

  • It resists chips & cracks from heavy handling
  • It is tougher and will last longer than domestic tableware
  • It blends in with a range of styles 
  • It's easy to replace
  • If broken, it won't shatter like domestic crockery and can be considered a safer solution
vitrified bowls
Serving Platter

Your guests will love how effortlessly these vitrified serving platters can showcase a sharing dish

What is vitrified crockery?

Vitrified hotelware encompasses plates, teapots, mugs and dishes which have been through an intense kiln firing process that causes the ceramic to become denser than domestic crockery and less prone to breakages.*

The weighted feel of vitrified hotelware makes a grand appearance on any table. It often features a glossy white glaze which is incredibly tough and resistant to knife or scuff marks. This makes it perfect for the sort of heavy use that is commonplace in self-catering environments. 


Why you should choose white tableware for your holiday let

Whatever your kitchen interior, white tableware partners well with almost anything! It is a classic favourite that remains in style through every season and yearly update. 

vitrified stacking cups

item #2

Toughened glassware that lasts

Have a look through the cupboards in your holiday let kitchen and consider replacing any domestic glassware with toughened glassware in order to minimise the risk of breakages and lost profits. 

The thickened stems and beaded rims on toughened champagne flutes and toughened wine glasses mean that they are less prone to damage from heavy handling. In addition, stackable toughened tumblers are a neat and classy solution for everyone and help to reduce breakages. 

Toughened Glassware

item #3

Quality cutlery that's easy to maintain

Now that you have durable hotelware and glassware in place, don't forget to include quality cutlery. These Oxford knives and forks (pictured) are made from 18/0 polished stainless steel and so are able to resist stains and tanning. They are a popular favourite in restaurants because they are so easy to maintain. When it comes to your holiday let, the weighted yet balanced feel of each piece makes eating in feel like dining out. 


item #4

A variety of cookware

Provide your guests with an opportunity to enjoy great cooking experiences in your self-catering holiday let by ensuring they have a good supply of cookware to hand. In covering the basics, remember to include a full set of pans and oven safe dishes, quality working knives, along side a choice of utensils. Not sure what your guests will need? Browse our site for expert recommendations on durable utensils to include in your holiday let kitchen.

Kitchen & Dining

Do you own a Self-Catering Holiday Let?

It's time to get inspired with these self-catering kitchen essentials that support your business 

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