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Wash & Bounce: The washable bedding designed with you in mind

Articles | Out of Eden - 28.09.2020

Wash & Bounce: The washable bedding designed with you in mind

It goes without saying that duvets and pillows are amongst the most neglected bed items when it comes to regular washing. Of course, the duvet covers, pillow covers and sheets get their trip to the laundry after every guest stay (or even mid-stay), but the pillows and duvets themselves often get overlooked for one reason or another. 

Now more than ever, it's essential to keep your guest accommodation as hygienic as possible and go above and beyond with your cleaning routine.

While bedding protectors for pillows, duvets and mattresses serve as a great barrier bedding against spills, stains and general wear and tear, this should not be treated as a replacement for the regular washing of your pillows and duvets.

With this said (though it all sounds fairly easy in theory!) washing and drying multiple sets of guest bedding on a regular basis is no mean feat! 

For many cheaper synthetic pillow options which are generally designed to last for a season and then be disposed of, repeat washing is not often recommended as the quality of the pillow can quickly be diminished.

In addition, the cleaning of a king size or super king duvet in a domestic washing machine is near impossible. It is recommended that up to 50% of the washing machine should be empty space to ensure it doesn't become clogged up or obstructed and to allow for effective washing, which simply isn’t practical for a traditional washing machine drum.

This generally means that establishments have to outsource laundry services, which can be both time consuming in turnaround and an undesirable expense.

So, what is the solution?

That's where the Wash & Bounce range comes in.

The concept

The Wash & Bounce range started around 20 years ago with the launch of the Wash & Bounce pillow, following high demand for a washable pillow that retained its shape and loftiness, wash after wash.

Since then, the Wash & Bounce pillow has remained a firm (but soft!) favourite amongst many customers and continues to outsell our other pillows year on year. In fact, it's even loved by our founder Ian Hartley who has favoured this pillow for the last 20 years.

"In the early days we loved it when a customer challenged us to find a product that solved a problem they had. I can still recall the conversation when this hotel owner asked if we could supply a pillow that would never go flat and could be washed repeatedly. Imagine our delight when we found the Wash & Bounce pillow that does exactly that, and for at least 15 years it was our best-selling product!"

Ian Hartley

From there, we felt it was only right to complete the collection with an accompanying duvet, and one that can be frequently washed, at home, quickly and easily.

From there, we felt it was only right to complete the collection with an accompanying duvet, and one that can be frequently washed, at home, quickly and easily.

Although most standard pillows will fit in a domestic washing machine, duvets are a different matter entirely.While larger scale hotels may have their own laundering facilities, and the capability and space to clean guest bedding, we understand most establishments including B&Bs, guest houses, small hotels and self-catering properties are often required to outsource laundry or tackle it themselves where possible and with washing machines and tumble driers more suited to use in a family home.

That’s why we decided to create an easy wash duvet, allowing you wash your guest pillows and duvets anywhere and with whatever facilities you have available.

Out of Eden - Wash and Bounce Hotel Pillows

The washable pillow

Hypoallergenic, hand made in Scotland and finished with OEKO-TEX® certified casing and filling, the Wash & Bounce pillow has been specially designed with care and quality in mind to offer a long-lasting, lofty pillow that's completely washable.

This innovative hotel quality pillow was created 20 years ago with a blend of Fossflakes and siliconised ball fibres to recreate the feeling of down and feather while serving as a hygienic, practical and dependable synthetic pillow. 

This superior blend bounces back every time with no compromise on comfort and, two decades later, the same design and specification remains in a high performing pillow that the hospitality trade love.

Fully machine washable at 40°C and suitable for tumble drying on a cool dry setting, you can rest assured that this pillow is built to stand the test of time and can be plumped up for loftiness as soon as it's dry.

Available in a standard 18” x 27” or upgrade to our luxury king size 19” x 29”.

"I love these pillows. They have been on the beds for a few months now at least and manage to be both soft and to retain their shape really well. Very good value for money."

S. Westerman

Out of Eden - Wash and Bounce Washable Hotel Bedding

The washable duvet

Just like the pillow, the Wash & Bounce duvet is made exclusively by Out of Eden to provide an easy way of washing bedding from your own domestic washing machine.

Inspired by our bestselling Wash & Bounce pillows, these durable duvets withstand regular washing and quickly bounce back to their original shape and loft. 

A specifically-designed filling of siliconised ball fibres and hypoallergenic Fossflakes provides unmatched durability while retaining warmth just like desirable natural down and feather fillings.

With three horizontal panels, you can easily unzip specific sections depending on your needs, which comes in extra handy in the case of spills and stains.

The duvet is available in all standard sizes and is equivalent to a 10.5 tog duvet for year-round convenience, finished in a luxurious 100% cotton, 233-thread count casing that is built to last and incredibly breathable.

What makes the Wash & Bounce duvet so unique?

Baffle box design

Washing bedding, particularly natural down and feather, can often lead to clumping and an uneven fill resulting in uncomfortable lumps and bumps, a thinner seeming duvet and those dreaded cold spots where air freely passes through.

The Wash & Bounce duvet is specially designed with that in mind using a baffle box design. A baffle box is where vertical walls of cotton fabric separate the top and bottom layer to create 3D boxes so the duvet filling stays in place, wash after wash. You can then plump up the duvet and achieve the desired lofty feel your guests dream of.

Out of Eden Wash and Bounce Bedding - Zipped Panel Design

Three washable panels

From single duvets all the way to super king, the Wash & Bounce duvet features three horizontal zipped panels.

This not only allows you to quickly and easily divide the duvet up for effortless washing, but also means you can selectively wash specific sections that have perhaps been stained, spilled on or soiled.

You don’t have to worry about guests detecting the zips either, as they’re discreetly tucked away with concealed YKK zips for a seamless finish.

Out of Eden Wash and Bounce Bedding - Super Simple to Wash

Super simple to wash

Above all, the biggest benefit for this duvet is the easy to wash construction.

The fine blend of 70% Fossflakes and 30% sumptuously soft and cosy siliconised ball fibres means this duvet washes excellently while retaining its shape and comfiness no matter how much you wash it.

Gone are the days of outsourcing duvet laundering when you opt for the wash and bounce, as you can effortlessly wash the duvet at 60°C in a traditional domestic washing machine and dry with ease on a low heat tumble dry.

Simply wash, dry and plump up your duvet and washable duvet to suit your requirements and they will retain their loftiness until their next wash.

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