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Explore with Ed Blogger Talks About Booking a B&B

When it comes to booking a B&B there are so many factors that are considered before making a booking. To understand the process your guests will typically go through to find the perfect B&B will give you an idea of how best to market your property – what information should you be promoting and what marketing channels should you be utilising.

To gain an insight to this process we chatted to Jamie, a UK-based blogger who shares his experiences of all things travel and food on his blog, Explore with Ed. He talked us through his approach to finding and booking a B&B and the criteria that’s most important to him.

Hi Jamie, it’s great to speak with you. Firstly, we’d love to hear where you start when it comes to booking a B&B stay and how important the research phase is to you.

Hi Out of Eden! It depends on how long the stay will be for really, I'm quite flexible when it comes to an overnight stay and can book this after an hour or so of researching, if the price is good. If it was a longer trip then I'll likely spend more time researching over the course of a couple of weeks. The research phase is important as it helps ensure I get the best deal.

And what does that research phase look like?

I use comparison websites to see where the biggest savings can be made and also use their map feature to determine how far away the B&B is from where I want to be. Once I've found somewhere I like within my budget I'll look up reviews on Trip Advisor and social media.

So, your research phase looks a little like this…

  1. Comparison sites show the best value for money
  2. Location is important, I need to know how close is it to where I want to be/what I want to see
  3. Trip Advisor reviews confirm the standard and service
  4. Social media gives further insight to guest feedback

Yes, if the B&B is in the right price range, in a good location and if the general feedback is positive, then I'm likely to go ahead and book.

Is there anything else you’d be looking for before you finally make the booking?

I’d consider how accessible it is via public transportation, or in a car if there's parking available. For example, in London if I see a show I'll be looking for places to stay in walking distance or a tube stop or two away.

Cleanliness is also a big factor. I'm happy to compromise on other things like a hot breakfast, room size, a good view, if reviews say it's well maintained and presentable.

Would you typically book a B&B stay online or do you prefer to call up?

I prefer to book online but my grandparents will sometimes ask me to research places on the internet and obtain their phone number so they can call them to book. If the market is predominately an older generation then I think calling up would be a more popular choice.

And would you expect to hear from the property between making a booking and arriving for your stay?

A confirmation email will normally suffice for a short stay, but for a longer stay I'd welcome an email or letter about my visit with helpful information.

Directions and details of the on-site and nearby facilities, like places to eat or visit, is always really useful.

What is it that makes a stay really stand out for you?

Friendly service really does leave a good impression, whilst I may not remember everything about a place I'll always remember how welcome and comfortable I felt.

I think it's also the little details and conveniences that help as it shows a lot of thought for a guest’s needs. For example, something as simple as a box of facial tissues, cotton wool, door hangers, extra pillows, quality/locally sourced tea and coffee with biscuits, or a personal handwritten note. These are small gestures that can make a big difference.

Explore With Ed

Jamie Edwards

Explore With Ed

Jamie Edwards is the author of Explore With Ed, a UK-based travel and food blog which has featured in Lonely Planet, Sunday Mirror’s Notebook and The Sun. Based in Cardiff, Jamie explores his home country of Wales as well as the wider UK and overseas destinations in his award-nominated blog.


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