Duvet Protector
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Duvet Protector Duvet Protector

Duvet Protector

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Product Information

Give your duvets an extra layer of protection against any stains or spills with our bestselling duvet protectors.

Fastened with a subtle zip, they are soft and comfortable and guaranteed rustle-free for a better night's sleep.

The soft spun bond polypropylene is not only stain resistant and breathable, but easy to wash, non-iron and can be tumble dried on a low heat setting.

Available in standard single, double, king and super king sizes.

"Super easy to put on and well worth doing - not at all noisy, over hot or bulky." C. Tyler

"Great product and a necessity for prolonging the life of duvets." D. Spencer

  • Machine washable at 40°C
  • Tumble dry on low heat setting
  • Zipper fastening
  • Stain-resistant 
  • Made from soft-spun polypropylene
  • Not suitable for bleaching, ironing or dry cleaning


  • Single: 140cm x 200cm
  • Double: 200cm x 200cm
  • King Size: 230cm x 220cm
  • Super King: 220cm x 260cm

Good product
Tracy - 17 November 2019

Great item
Lizzie - 12 October 2019

Great item
Lizzie - 12 October 2019

Perfect can highly recommend
Helen Spence - 12 October 2019

Perfect can highly recommend
Helen Spence - 12 October 2019

Iris James - 03 October 2019

Saves me a lot of hassle
Michelle Tait - 31 July 2019

Good quality
Sylvia Holmes - 19 June 2019

Good quality
Sylvia Holmes - 19 June 2019

Not good at all . Ordered a Kingsize. Its huge. Duvet just moves around in it. Fabric hard (not soft and comfortable) and I would imagine not very nice to sleep under. Why does no one make a cotton one anymore. Bought a fabulous one from Argos a year ago and can't get anymore.
Amanda - 11 June 2019

excellent quality will buy again
Darren Little - 10 June 2019

Good value
Steps Farmhouse - 16 May 2019

Good value
Steps Farmhouse - 16 May 2019

Grizelda Chang - 16 May 2019

Great quality
Anne lucas - 12 May 2019

Used these for many years.They are great saver for duvets.

Used these for many years.They are great saver for duvets.

good product
Anne MacDonald - 19 April 2019

C Horton - 18 April 2019

Evo2958@gmail.com - 27 March 2019

does exactly as it says
mariners guest house james and marie - 23 March 2019

Good quality
Tony Marcangelo - 27 February 2019

Super easy to put on and well worth doing - not at all noisy, over hot or bulky.
Claire Tyler - 05 January 2019

Super easy to put on and well worth doing - not at all noisy, over hot or bulky.
Claire Tyler - 05 January 2019

Great product and a necessity for prolonging the life of duvets.
Diane Spencer - 31 December 2018

very light
Eraine Szabunia - 29 December 2018

A new item for us. Great quality and will help to prolong the life of our duvets.
Alan Hargreaves - Martinhoe Cleave Cottages - 03 December 2018

Would have prefered a small zip at the bottom, rather that a full length zip down the side.
Jude - 25 November 2018

Good quality.
Jude - 25 November 2018

Good product
Pauline Curtis - 18 November 2018

Nice quality have not washed yet.
Felicity - 28 October 2018

Nice quality not used yet
Felicity - 28 October 2018

Marilyn - 30 September 2018

Hope the zips last longer than on my previous ones
Jane Taylor - 06 September 2018

Fantastic product.
Elaine Cole - 08 August 2018

Overall these are good but the zips are the weak point.
Katrina - 14 July 2018

Eliminates marks on you duvet and you can keep duvet fresh at all times
Sharon Cranston - 09 July 2018

Great but slightly too large
Susan Reader-Harris - 29 June 2018

Good for the job
Arline Carr - 24 June 2018

Good quality and fit
Luci Chapman / Ffynnonddewi Holidays - 26 May 2018

Excellent fit hidden zip
Patty O'TOOLE - 04 May 2018

excellent product
Valerie James - 27 April 2018

excellent product
Valerie James - 27 April 2018

excellent product
Valerie James - 27 April 2018

Good Quality
Sheila Macleod - 25 April 2018

Good Quality
Sheila Macleod - 25 April 2018

Great product
Mhairi Crookston - 20 April 2018

Good cover
Barnfield B&B - 20 April 2018

Beverley Spence - 20 April 2018

The protector has softened when washed before use & I'm hoping it proves a sensible purchase.
Samantha Turner - 24 March 2018

Good protector
Iram Hamid - 22 December 2017

Susan Churchill - 22 December 2017

Maxine shipley - 26 October 2017

Washes well and easy to put on
Martin and Sally Beckitt - 08 September 2017

Rustle free!
Linda Norris - 07 September 2017

Does the job well but the plastic bag it is in was ripped down one side so was open.
Yana Miall - 03 August 2017

Really easy to slip your duvet into
Sally Bexton - 07 May 2017

Good quality and easy to care for. Very pleased with this item.
Mrs Sylvia Holmes - 28 April 2017

Sadly this is poor quality, the material is like paper. It would not survive being washed and the zips fall off which makes it very difficult keeping the protector on the duvet when trying to put duvet cover on.
The Pheasant Inn - 17 April 2017

Stitching was so bad I had to re-sew one of the duvet protectors on my sewing machine.
J Livingstone - 07 April 2017

Sadly a quite serious stain has gone through the protector and soiled the duvet underneath.
Margaret Munro - 31 January 2017

Have purchased these protectors before, good quality, Zip, no problem, helps keep the duvets clean, and leads to cutting down on duvet laundry bills, which is great.
Jo - 21 November 2016

I have replaced this item 3 times over the season on the same bed the zip splits sp protector comes undone
jackie richardson - 09 November 2016

I also wash these protectors before using, so they do not rustle. They do become bobbly after time, but they protect the duvets OK.
karen - 03 October 2016

Great value for money and quick delivery
The Hillcroft - 21 September 2016

First time I have tried a duvet protector - seems to be of reasonable quality but will have to see what it is like once it has been washed a few times to give a proper review
michelle Obrien - 06 September 2016

Great buy
barnfieldbandb - 06 September 2016

I am delighted with the quality of this order and the fast delivery
Margaret Stewart - 01 July 2016

Have recently purchased to give some protection for the duvet. The material is not what I thought and takes away the 'comfort' aspect. The material is 'bulky' rather than soft and gives a 'rustle' to the whole duvet now. Will need to see if it is durable enough over time, and if any customers leave any comments. Had I known the material I probably would not have purchased.
Caris - 19 June 2016

very happy with this protector i will be purchasing more
nikki - 06 June 2016

This duvet protector is not very good its to thin it makes a lot of noise and with a vip down one side it not easy to put on would not recomend to any one
Brian Batten - 29 May 2016

The zip will not 'knit together' so is impossible to close.
Jenny - 29 March 2016

Very flimsy zips which keep breaking. Pick up hair etc. very easily and doesn't come off when you wash them. Wish you sold another make.

Annabel Thomas - 26 March 2016

I buy this product because I can't find any real alternative but it is not my favourite from this regular supplier. The fabric goes bobbly which might not matter as it is under the duvet and not seen, but I don't like it. My main concern is that the zips fail. The first one was replace as it happened quite soon after purchase and I cannot fault the sales team. But it has happened again. I just bought another this time.
lynne king - 27 February 2016

Very happy with this cover,wish I had bought it ages ago.
Margaret Steele - 05 February 2016

The best protector around.
Elaine - 04 February 2016

These protectors are excellent. Snug fit and easy opening zip fastener. I haven't washed one yet so can't comment on durability.
Sally Tompkins - 01 February 2016

We purchased all sizes of duvet protectors and found a small number to have a weak zipping mechanism, which tends to de-rail from the nylon zipper strips.
Carno House - 23 January 2016

very very thin, poor quality, zips broke after one use, fabric tore as you would expect paper to!
Anna - 29 December 2015

A bit too rustly , hopefully after a wash it will be better.
Janet hewitt - 25 December 2015

Poor material quality, zip broke after 2 days, makes rustly noise will replace. Not recommended
Nat - 16 August 2015

Use these on all my beds in caravan park, Bed and Breakfast and self catering properties. They are great and wash really well. Have never had a problem with tearing and we have been using them for years.
Julia - 31 May 2014

Unfortunately this is really difficult to fit onto a thick mattress, and the fabric is just not one I'd have chosen had I seen it first.
carol millward - 21 April 2014

The issues with the tearing has been addressed by our quality control department and should no longer be a problem.
Out of Eden - 21 January 2014

Agree with Joyce unfortunately the fabric is very easy to tear
ling Beaulieu River View - 20 January 2014

Very pleased with these. Admitedly the zip on one broke, but overall really good. Am purchasing more.
Elaine Cole - 08 January 2014

Same problem. Just had to order another one as recently noticed quite a few tears in the old one.
Heather Sanderson - 06 October 2013

I like the product but agree that they tear very easily.
Pat Wallace - 05 October 2013

I found the same problem as the other reviewer - one of my protectors has torn and I therefore have to buy another one :-(
Jill - 28 August 2013

I love these protectors, they are quite strong and actually do what they are suppose to !!!I will be ordering more of this product shortly.Excellent product
Kim - 26 July 2013

Not very durable - I find that the fabric is easy to tear.
Joyce Baker - 14 March 2013