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Toilet Cleaners

Highly effective toilet cleaners and toilet cleaning supplies that sanitise, descale and remove bad odours from ceramic or stainless steel toilets and urinals.

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Commercial Toilet Cleaning Supplies

Toilet cleaners are essential for maintaining clean toilets and urinals in your bathrooms. We supply a huge range of daily toilet cleaners for routine cleaning and heavy-duty commercial toilet cleaning supplies including descalers, bleach and odour neutralisers.

The eco friendly range from Bright Earth and Bio D includes a natural toilet cleaner that tackles limescale build-up without harsh chemicals. Janstar's toilet cleaner and limescale remover is part of a professional range of cleaning products and chemicals for commercial and domestic use. It's powerful four-in-one solution cleans, sanitises, descales and removes bad odours from your toilet bowls.

If you've not found what you're looking for, browse our huge range of washroom & bathroom cleaning supplies here.

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