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Eco Cleaning Products

These eco friendly cleaning products are not only environmentally friendly they are also tough on germs and dirt. The ethically-sourced Bright Earth range has fast become a mainstay in many hospitality cleaning cupboards thanks to its many features including biodegradable ingredients, Vegan and cruelty free, bottles and containers made using recycled plastic, oh and it's made in the UK. For those looking for a range of products to use in a commercial environment then the Janstar range is perfect. Despite their powerful formulations the Janstar cleaning chemicals are biodegradable, vegan, cruelty-free and made in the UK. 

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Why use eco friendly cleaning products?

Many businesses are looking at ways to reduce their impact on the environment and to assure their guests that they are doing the same and these products allow you to do exactly that. Using recycled materials for the bottles and 5 Litre containers these can be recycled again. The ingriedents in the Bright Earth range are biodegradable and products like the Toilet Cleaner & Limescale Remover are safe for use with Septic tanks too. An added benefit is that 10% of the profits made on the Bright Earth range are donated to charity. 

Are eco friendly cleaning products as powerful?

These products are naturally dirived using biodegradable ingredients but are just as effective when it comes to cleaning. The Janstar Multi Purpose Cleaner is Certified antibacterial BS EN 1276 and antiviral BS EN 14476, both with a 5-minute contact time (effective against coronavirus and SARS). Whather it is your kitchen, bathroom, living spaces or bedrooms, no matter what area of your accomodation you are cleaning there will be a product to do the job quickly, effecively and most importantly Eco friendly.

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