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 Refillable Toiletries

Why you should make the switch to refillable products

Refillable products continue to rise in popularity, thanks to the cost-effective and eco-friendly benefits they offer. In this article we talk you through the benefits of switching to refillable products, along with various solutions we offer, making it super easy for you to go greener and save money.

The benefits of refillable products

Reduce plastic use

Reducing plastic is one of the most important reasons you should make the switch to refillable products, particularly refillable toiletries – with an astonishing 200 million travel-size toiletries and 70 million hard soaps being wasted each year*, we believe it is our responsibility as suppliers to offer solutions that are easily accessible for our customers.

*Source - Cleanconscience

Save money

Whenever you purchase items contained in plastic bottles, glass bottles and plastic pouches such as toiletries, bottled water and condiments, you're not just paying for the product inside but the packaging too.

When retailers reduce the amount spent on packaging, they're able to provide savings for consumers meaning you can end up paying less. As an example, a 5L refill of Cole & Lewis hand wash costs £17.95 (+VAT) and provides just over 16 fills of our matching 300ml dispenser bottles meaning each re-fill costs only £1.12 (+VAT), this gives you a huge saving of over £30 but better still reduces plastic waste enormously.

Get more out of your products

We've all been there, trying to squeeze the last few drops of body wash, shampoo or conditioner out of the bottle or tube.

By investing in high quality dispensers with pump tops, you will avoid the hassle of trying to get the last drop of lotion out, and with a big refillable container or pouch stored away you can top it up whenever you need, meaning your products will last longer and you'll get more out of them.

We have a huge range of shampoo, conditioner, shower gels and soap dispensers as well as wall mounted brackets designed to fit our 300ml bottles, making it easy for you to go greener. Simply fill up your dispensers with our bulk toiletries as and when needed.

Soap Dispensers

Aesthetically pleasing

Rather than having untidy bottles everywhere (that also have a tendency to go missing), opt for dispensers to match with your interior, you can even add labels to make it super easy to distinguish between each product.

Products we offer to help you make the switch

Refillable toiletries

Our refillable toiletries have to be the most popular in our range of refillable products. You can choose from a variety of scents in body washes, moisturisers, shampoos and conditioners from leading brands.

All made here in the UK, our range of refillable toiletries represent excellent value with each 5-litre or 3-litre container able to refill dispensers or empty bottles many times over, saving both money and cutting down on single-use plastic.

Wall mounts for dispensers

We offer a range of wall mounts for dispensers, making it easy for you to display your toiletries as well as provide ease for your guests. Choose from our single wall bracket or a double wall bracket for 300ml bottles.

Toiletries Wall Brackets

Mini milk bottles

Our mini milk bottles are not only eco-friendly but they also look great too - whether you have a hotel, B&B or self-catering accommodation. You can choose to purchase yours with or without lids, both products offer a 200ml capacity.

Mini Milk Bottles

Clip top storage jars

With a clip top lid and air tight seal, our clip top storage jars are ideal for keeping contents fresh. Best used for storing jams such as our 3kg Tiptree tubs, preserves, spices, herbs & condiments, sweets and treats. They even keep your home-made biscuits fresh for in room refreshments. A great solution for reducing plastic waste.

Refillable glass bottles

Our refillable glassware is the perfect choice for reducing plastic through throwaway plastic bottles. Making eco choices whilst providing your guests with a refreshing and welcoming stay - what could be better?

Glass Bottles

Cleaning products

Our range of bulk cleaning products are available as sanitising hand wash, laundry detergent, laundry liquid tabs, disinfectant, fabric conditioner, washing up liquid, bathroom cleaner and more.

To be extra greener, why not opt for Ecover or Bio-D, eco-friendly cleaning brands, offering everything from eco laundry detergents to eco toilet cleaner.

The plant-based power of each and every formula in the Ecover and Bio-D collections are naturally derived, ethically sourced, completely vegan, cruelty-free and B Corp certified with all the power of conventional high street products.

Tiptree jams & marmalades

You can purchase Tiptree jams and marmalades on our website as 3kg tubs offered as orange marmalade and strawberry jam. Many of our customers purchase these and use a clip top storage jar to store and display.

Clip Top Storage Jars

Feeling inspired and ready to go greener? We have a whole range of eco products on our website for bathroom, kitchen and bedroom!

We'd love to see your photos showing how you've gone greener, simply tag us on Instagram using @outofedenuk or the hashtag #outofedenuk.

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