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Top 10 Benefits of Refillable Toiletries

article | Out of Eden - 24.03.2023

There's many benefits of switching to refillable toiletries for your guest accommodation. Not only will your guests enjoy the great scents and nourishing properties but they'll also appreciate the care you've taken to select an eco-friendly alternative for your bathrooms and washrooms. They benefit your business too as these are cost-effective, low waste products - a sure way to keep your costs down and make the most of every last drop!

1. Vegan & Cruelty-Free Ingredients

Vegan & Cruelty Free Toiletries

All the products in the refillable toiletries range from Out of Eden are made with vegan and cruelty-free ingredients. Using ethically sourced ingredients makes the toiletries ideal for customers who do not use any animal-derived products.

2. Fully Recyclable Bottles

Recyclable Toiletries

The 300ml bottles are made to withstand heavy use in hospitality but, should you need to dispose of them, you can recycle them. And it's a win-win as all your empty 5L bulk refill containers are fully recyclable too.

3. Suit Your Style & Budget

Spa Toiletries

There's a range of different fragrances & styles to suit your budget, taste and bathroom decor from the relaxing scents of Spa Works, to the refreshing grapefruit fragrance of Citrus, which you can refill from as little as 66p per 300ml.

4. Saving You Money

Eden Hotel Toiletries

Reduced packaging means reduced costs - not only for the environment but for yourself too! Each 5L will refill sixteen 300ml bottles, and we offer multi-buy savings on all bulk refills so you know you're saving as you top up too.

5. Made in the UK

Hotel Toiletries Made in the UK

The full range of toiletries is made in the UK to high standards with great quality, unique ingredients so you know no matter which range you decide to go for, your guests are using a top quality product. 

6. Made for Hospitality & Hotels

Hotel Toiletries

The robust 300ml bottles are all fitted with pump tops, and as previously noted are made to withstand hospitality use. They're easy to clean and will wear well with repeated refilling, which reduces the need for any single use plastic bottles.

7. Ideal for Refilling Dispensers

Soap Dispensers

If you currently use or are considering using wall mounted dispensers, our range of 5L refills offers you a great variety of products for sink-side hand wash or in-shower shampoos, body washes and hair conditioners.

8. Brilliant for Wall Brackets

Wall Brackets for Toiletries

The compact shape of the 300ml bottles fits single and double wall brackets perfectly. Easy to install and then remove for quick refilling, the brackets keep your guest toiletries organised and fixed in place whilst providing effortless presentation.

9. Made with Prevented Ocean Plastic

Ocean Prevented Plastic Toiletries

Prevented Ocean Plastic is made from plastic waste that has been saved from polluting our oceans. It is sourced from coastal locations which do not have recycling schemes and is a proactive method of recycling which aims to repurpose plastic waste that would otherwise enter the ocean.

We are proud to say that the 300ml bottles in our Odyssey and Bright Earth ranges are made with 100% Prevented Ocean Plastic and all other ranges are made from 30% Prevented Ocean Plastic.

10. No Need to Pour with Hand Pumps

Refillable Toiletries

Lifting and pouring liquid toiletries from heavy 5L containers into smaller bottles can often result in spillages where you risk wasting your products. Don't waste a single drop with reusable hand pumps that are easy to use and fit all 5L bulk containers. 

We advise using a different pump for each of your 5L bottles for quick and easy topping up but they can easily be cleaned and used across different 5L refill products as needed. 

So, why not try refillable toiletries?

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