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Creating Instagram Moments

Articles | B&B Guest House - 28.11.2017

You don’t need us to tell you that social media has transformed people’s behaviours, but understanding these new behaviours can create opportunities for your guests to promote your B&B for you. 

As humans, we haven’t changed too much. It’s in our nature to want to be seen by others in the best light. However, social media has amplified this desire and people are now seeking experiences purely for the sake of their online profiles. 

We can pick and choose what people know about us and that has led to a ‘show-off’ behaviour; a need to share new experiences and boast about successes.

 What does this mean for you? 

You’re already providing an experience that is perfect ‘show-off’ material; people are being treated, they’re in a new place and they’re being waited on. It’s now a case of maximising on that opportunity and encouraging your guests to get snap happy! 

To do that you need to create plenty of ‘reach for the phone moments’. Whether it’s your stunning views, beautiful breakfast spread or in-room treats…these moments ensure your guests will reach for their phone or camera and start taking photos to share with their friends. 

Picture-perfect is the mantra 

Guests can have a great stay with you, but as soon as they walk out of the door they can forget to tell their friends and family about your business. They get caught up in what they did that weekend, or get back to their everyday lives and suddenly your B&B is a distant memory. 

By creating these picture-perfect moments you’re increasing the likelihood of people sharing their experience at your B&B there and then. Those posts are promoting your business on your behalf to a new audience, and that is marketing gold! 

Aim for Instagram 

There are lots of social media channels that your guests may use to share their photos on and all will benefit your business. That said, Instagram is the platform aimed at hosting beautiful photography and so if you aim to create moments that will translate in to fantastic photos then you will have tapped in to that show-off behaviour perfectly. 

What does an Instagram moment look like? 

Planning photo opportunities isn’t a science, it’s just common sense. What are you likely to take photos of? What photos do you see your friends sharing? Here’s a little inspiration from people who have shared #bedandbreakfast posts to Instagram:

Picture-perfect here we come… 

There are plenty of ways to promote your picture-perfect B&B, here are some ideas to get you started… 

  1. Embrace your assets. If you have fantastic views allow guests to enjoy them. 
  2. Accessorise the view or add some seating so that guests can not only take it all in, but they can also take beautiful photos too.
  3. Think about your décor. Do you have some quirky or cute design features, furniture or accessories? Make sure they’ll be seen by your guests. Even better, when you buy pieces for your property bear in mind photogenic items!
  4. Food glorious food! Photos of food are among the most shared content online so think about how and where you serve breakfast, and if it’s beautiful then it’s sure to be snapped!
  5. Flower power. A floral display can be very eye-catching and fantastic to photograph. Think about where you position your flowers, giving them space to be photographed, not just sat on a desk at reception.
  6. Time to get personal. Personal touches make your guests feel special and there you have yet more boasting material! Something as simple as a welcome note in their room will make a great photo. 
  7. Have some fun. Selfie prop boxes left in the rooms will encourage your guests to have fun whilst they stay with you, plus selfies are guarantee photo uploads! Have a think about ways you can make the props relevant to your B&B, you could even have them branded.
Finally, remind people that you’re listening to what they share online and encourage people to posts during their time with you by asking guests to ‘share your holiday photos with us’ or by saying ‘we’d love to keep in touch’.

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