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Beverages Tent Signs

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Product Code: 7747_7748_7750

Milk Tent Sign / Whole Milk - 7747-1
Milk Tent Sign / Semi Skimmed Milk - 7747-2
Milk Tent Sign Skimmed Milk - 7747-3
Juice Tent Sign Apple - 7748-1
Juice Tent Sign Grapefruit - 7748-2
Juice Tent Sign Orange - 7748-3
Juice Tent Sign Pineapple - 7748-4
Juice Tent Sign Cranberry - 7748-5
Blank Aluminium Tent Sign Pack of Five - 7750-40-5
Wipe Clean Multi Pen, Italic Nib / One - 7758-3-1
Wipe Clean Multi Pen, Italic Nib / Pack of 12 - 7758-3-12
Wipe Clean Multi Pen, Round Nib / One - 7758-1-1
Wipe Clean Multi Pen, Round Nib / Pack of 12 - 7758-1-12

These neat aluminium signs are perfect for easy identification of contents.

Milk: Skimmed, Semi Skimmed & Whole.
Juices: Pineapple, Orange, Apple, Grapefruit NEW! Cranberry.

Now also available as a blank sign which give you the opportunity to writen signs for any juices or milk that we do not have coloured signs for, and could be used for food and anti-allergy items. The wipe clean black pens have acid free, water based pigment ink that does not smudge and wipes off easily with water. Available in both a round 1mm nib or a 3mm chisel (Italic) nib.


I am using these for wifi code and simple message info 'please ask for more fresh milk'. My pen did blotch a bit so perhaps a perfect pen could be sold alongside? I didn't want to use a permanent market but everyday felt tips were too pale.
neat little instruction tents - 21 November 2016

Looks great on breakfast table,people don't have to guess or ask, good strength as well
Karen - 31 October 2016

Fold not very well finished
Neil - 07 August 2016

These are perfect and stylish.
Ann Smith - 09 June 2016