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Smart Bins

From £ 15.54 12.95 ex VAT

Product Code: 7505

Smart Bin Stainless Steel - One - 7505-003-1
Smart Bins Stainless Steel - Pack of 4 - 7505-003-4
Smart Bin Black - One - 7505-109-1
Smart Bins Black - Pack of 4 - 7505-109-4
Smart Bin Cream - One - 7505-112-1
Smart Bins Cream - Pack of 4 - 7505-112-4
Smart Bin Burgundy - One - 7505-311-1
Smart Bins Burgundy - Pack of 4 - 7505-311-4
1000 box of 15 Litre Bin Liners - 7560

These stylish smart bins with their smooth coloured finish and stainless steel fixed ring add a thoroughly modern and contemporary look yet hide a very practical feature. The seamless outer skin simply slips over the inner section hiding the bin liner in seconds, so there is no need to fumble over a collar or bag ever again

  • Capacity 10 litres
  • Size 27 x 23cms
  • Stainless steel, burgundy, cream or black

White Bin Liners

  • 1000 per box 
  • Size 28 x 43cm
  • 15 litres capacity

Quantity discount when you purchase 5 or more cartons

actually fits the bin
scott - 02 February 2018

arrived on time, and all is good
John Barber - 27 November 2017

Very good
Geoffrey Harvey - 08 September 2017

Bin Liners - Slightly small and a bit thin
Aideen Murphy - 24 August 2017

Great looking bin, will be ordering more for the rest of our rooms.
Nick - 31 July 2017

Very smart
Mary Scott - 19 June 2017

Just what I wanted good product
Mr c milne - 04 November 2016

Quality Product, very pleased will be ordering more.
Jill - 18 October 2016

Much neater than having a liner draped over the top of a 'normal' bin, a much more professional image for the customer
Delboy - 23 September 2016

good looking, nice weight and does the job well of hiding what can be an ugly bin liner hanging out over the edge of the bin.
maureen - 01 July 2016

Very smart,practical ,quick &easy to fit bin liners
Rosemary Yapp - 21 June 2016

Love these bins, very smart, easy to clean and no untidy bin liners on view
Cragg Cottages - 06 June 2016

Like bins but would rather pay a bit more for better quality bin liners
m dangar - 16 April 2016

Very pleased with the quality, size and practicality of the smart bin
Jenny - 29 March 2016

love these bins for the bedrooms, looks so smart no bin liner in sight hanging over the top perfect thumbs up
BRENDA RENNIE - 29 February 2016

Very good product
Woodford HOuse - 11 February 2016

Great product . The design ensure the liner is kept secure without the tatty edges showing.
Liz Cornish - 06 February 2016

I love these bins they are so neat and tidy, easy to keep clean and look really good too, now all my rooms have them!
Suzanne - 05 September 2011

Brilliant product, easy to use and looks really smart, no scruffy bin liners hanging over the edge.
Sandie Stanley - 07 May 2011

so easy to use and so tidy. love it
Daphne Gwilliam - 24 April 2011