Coloured Toilet Roll Labels

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Product Code: 7263

Toilet Roll Labels / Red Rose / 70 Per Sheet - 7263-R-1
Toilet Roll Labels / Purple Thistle / 70 Per Sheet - 7263-T-1
Toilet Roll Labels / Grey Sheep / 70 Per Sheet - 7263-SH-1
Toilet Roll Labels / Sailing Boat / 70 Per Sheet - 7263-SB-1
Toilet Roll Labels / Green Shamrock / 70 Per Sheet - 7263-S-1
Toilet Roll Labels / Yellow Daffodil / 70 Per Sheet - 7263-D-1

When a customer in Wales asked us to provide a label for her toilet rolls, we rose to the challenge. She suggested putting a daffodil on as a emblem for Wales, so we have used similar national emblems for England, Scotland and Ireland. These labels are made from biodegradable paper and water soluble glue, to make them flushable.

  • We do not recommend their use in septic tanks.
  • 70 labels per sheet.
  • Label diameter: 25mm.