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Toilet Roll Labels
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Toilet Roll Labels Toilet Roll Labels Toilet Roll Labels Toilet Roll Labels Toilet Roll Labels

Toilet Roll Labels

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When a customer in Wales asked us to provide a label for her toilet rolls, we rose to the challenge. She suggested putting a daffodil on as a emblem for Wales, so we have used similar national emblems for England, Scotland and Ireland. These labels are made from biodegradable paper and water soluble glue, to make them flushable.


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Product description


  • We do not recommend their use in septic tanks.
  • Rose, Daffodil, Thistle, Shamrock, Sheep and Sailing Boat designs.
  • 70 labels per sheet.
  • 1000 labels per roll (Rose and Thistle only)
  • Label diameter: 25mm.

Quantity discount when you buy 5 or more sheets 95p, 10 or more 75p of the same design.

Love these
Wilma Henderson - 16 September 2019

fantastic, just what I ordered, great quality
trudi mckeowan - 04 September 2019

Finishes off the bathroom
The Sycamore Tree, M Fothergill - 31 August 2019

Keeps toilet rolls tidy
Simon Smith - 28 August 2019

Great! The toilet rolls look very neat and professional!
Donna Reed - 22 August 2019

I love these!
Lulu O'Sullivan - 04 August 2019

Kendra Ballantyne - 21 July 2019

Just ideal for a Scottish guest house
Kath Ralph - 14 July 2019

Fab product and service!
Suzanna Baker - 06 June 2019

Quirky touch... pleased with them
Jane ....Ambleside - 09 May 2019

Bit of fun and keeps toilet rolls tidy
Julie Houseman - 19 April 2019

a nice finishing touch to the bathroom
Carol Mainland - 24 March 2019

These are such a funny little thought which makes the (economic cesspool) toilet roll look cool!
Suzanne - 16 January 2019

excellent as you would expect
Eraine Szabunia - 29 December 2018

5 stars
Franpod - 09 December 2018

5 stars
Franpod - 09 December 2018

5 stars
Franpod - 09 December 2018

Ellen Tannock - 02 December 2018

Love these!
Carol Turnham - 18 November 2018

Perfect and love the Welsh theme.
Teresa - 15 November 2018

Teresa - 15 November 2018

Love this item - have been using for a while now. The only enhancement I can suggest is to have them on a roll rather than a sheet. Out of Eden - "We have contacted our customer to advise we have the toilet roll labels available in rolls of 1000"
Lin - 06 October 2018

Coswarth House - 22 August 2018

great product
Anne Wotherspoon/The White House B/B - 08 August 2018

Love these!
Marylyn Dales - 07 July 2018

Linda - 20 June 2018

great for that high-end finishing touch especially on Portland!

They do as one would expect, the only downside is that the sheets have so many stickers on them that many get damaged before they can be used.
Mrs Boswell - 05 May 2018

Does what it says on the tin.
James Rusden - 04 May 2018

Something a bit special
Barnfield B&B - 20 April 2018

Love these . Using for septic tank so cut off the flushable wording .
Lyn hobbs - 06 April 2018

Love them.
Ruth Prior, Duirinish Guest House, Portree - 06 April 2018

Lesley Smith - 28 March 2018

Was disappointed they were black! Much nicer in blue I think. That’s why I chose a boat as we are near the sea, please consider this - Out of Eden - Thank you for your suggestion Sue.  Our purchasing team are looking into this request and we will contact when we have more news
Sue Armstrong - 27 March 2018

As described
Anne - 27 December 2017

Love these!
Louise Fifield - 02 November 2017

Love these!
Louise Fifield - 09 October 2017

add that extra charm
david griffiths - 28 September 2017

Excellent little touch for my guests
Tina - 24 September 2017

Excellent idea for my guests
Tina - 24 September 2017

Very pleased
Linda Burns - 23 September 2017

for the finishing touches
david griffiths - 30 August 2017

Give a lovely finishing touch
Karen Twist - 25 August 2017

very professional looking. compliments a holiday let bathroom clean
angela Forsyth - 11 August 2017

Arthur Ratcliffe - 24 July 2017

finishing touches are so important.
Deirdre - 07 July 2017

Nice little touch but would work better if more stickers and on a roll
Helen - 16 February 2017

what a great idea, looks very posh!!!
sharon - 26 October 2016

Lovely item but as most other reviewers have said its a pain trying to peel them off without them getting all screwed up. The only other thing I would have liked is for them to be in colours ie I bought the yachts as I live on the coast on Anglesey and a blue yacht would have looked a lot nicer in a coastal colour. But maybe that's just me being picky!
Wendy - 13 September 2016

Found them hard to peal off, also worried that they won't disintegrate and may clog up the pipes.
Alan - 10 September 2016

a professional finish to a small item and guests love them; we use the thistle as are in Scotland - guests from abroad particularly like it; would agree with all other comments about being better on a roll for ease of use plus more easily stored in cleaning carrier, has Out of Eden contacted manufacturer about this yet and any indication of change to that?
Neil - 31 August 2016

delighted with product
fiona meechan - 30 August 2016

details they are details looks great
Claudio Franco Coluna - 25 August 2016

I was sent wrong item
Linda Dowdall - 24 August 2016

A great buy.
Amanda coe - 17 July 2016

they give the finishing touch and do the job of keeping the spare roll tidy till needed
maureen - 01 July 2016

Nice touch - I use the thistle ones because I'm in Edinburgh
Julie Watt - 25 June 2016

I love using these, they do make the toilet roll look neater. I agree with other comments that if they were on a roll it would be a lot better. being on a sheet makes them time consuming to get off. also A4 sheet tends to get creased in the cleaning bucket.
Zarina Belk - 04 June 2016

I was really looking forward to using these however my colleague mistook them for rubbish and threw them out!! I will definitely order again though as i think it is such a nice touch!
Suzanne Hall - 27 May 2016

Love the daffodil as living in Wales! Toilet roll looks tidy for each new guest.
Mrs Ashcroft - 03 March 2016

Gives a lovely neat finish.
Agnes Lyons - 11 February 2016

Love this quirky wee idea! So neat & tidy - we use the shamrock so people remember where they are!
Heather barr - 08 February 2016

adds that finishing touch
sally - 31 January 2016

What a lovely touch these little stickers are! Guest thought it was rather posh!
Gail Bald - 16 January 2016

I agree with the previous comments, we have used these labels for over a year now and the guests do appreciate the little touches like these. But they are expensive for what they are because of the wastage. The suggestion to have them on a roll (probably in a cardboard dispenser just like the rings for pages in ring binders) rather than a sheet is eminently sensible and practical. This would reduce a lot of wastage. They would also be easier to keep in the cleaning box.
Mrs Terry Boswell - 30 November 2015

Very pleased, it would be nice to have coloured flowers eg yellow for the daff
Glyn Hardwicke - 20 November 2015

Excellent product guests love the little extra touch
Becky - 17 June 2015

Love these cute kabels, I didn't lose any sticking them on and we did 50 loo rolls in advance, but a strip would be easier to store. Loo rolls look neater with them
tracey f - 05 November 2014

These things are great when they work but you lose two out of every three because they are not cut through enough and rip when trying to get them off then one out of every two will not stick on the paper. Bit of a waste of money
Rod Burt - 28 May 2014

These labels are great. I get a lot of comments about how cute they are but I do agree with the previous review it would be so much better if they were on a roll they are quite difficult to get off the paper.
Anne Johnson - 20 January 2014

love the toilet roll labels. makes the toilet roll look even neater.Would be better if the labels were on a roll like you can get for the ring holes on paper (reinforcing discs), as the a4 paper gets a little bit creased when trying to get them off.
joanne jubb - 21 August 2013

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