Oxo Extendable Tile Scrubber and Refill Pad

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Product Code: 5233_5234

Oxo Extendable Tile Scrubber - 5233
Oxo Tile Scrubber Replacement Head - 5234

This uniquely shaped extendable scrubber has a pivoting head for cleaning at different angles and will get into corners, recesses and grout lines, even extending from 66cm to 106cm so you can clean without climbing or crouching. The anti-microbial head is abrasive enough for deep cleaning and retains water for easy rinsing, making it ideal for baths, showers, tiles, floors and even the narrow spaces around the toilet. The soft grip hold is non-slip, even when wet.

  • Extends from 66cm to 106cm
  • Replacement head 15 x 11 x 1.5 cm aprox

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totally brilliant saves me bending, lets me exdert pressure where it is needed. NOW what I need to go with it is the same handle BUT with a stiff fairly long bristle scrubbing brush on the end--that wld be great for those tricky shower corners and grooves--PLEASE can you find one!
John Nicklin - 27 August 2016