Ecover Multi Action Spray 500ml

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Product Code: 5087

Ecover Multi Action Spray, 500ml / Pack of 12 - 5087-12
Ecover Multi Action Spray 500ml One - 5087-1

Ecover has been manufacturing environmentally friendly cleaning products for 30 years and with the thumbs up from the Good Housekeeping Institute, you know they will do the job. These are effective, no nasties cleaning products made from plant-based and mineral ingredients, which makes them superbly ecological as well as excellent for sensitive skin. The products themselves originate from Ecover’s unique, world-famous ecological factories where sustainability is at the very core, constantly innovating and pushing boundaries to create new and more effective products that have minimum impact on the environment, so you really can feel good cleaning.


I have used this for years but am very sorry to find that the 5 litre refill is no longer available so I now have to order the individual bottles - not very eco!!

We agree that it is a great shame that Ecover have discontinued the bulk refil - Janine Pilsbury Web Editor

Ceris - 21 July 2016