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Fair CosmEthics Soap

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Product Code: 1417

Fair CosmEthics Soap 15g Pack of 50 - 1417-15-50
Fair CosmEthics Soap 15g Pack of 500 - 1417-15-500
Fair CosmEthics Soap 25g Pack of 70 - 1417-25-70
Fair CosmEthics Soap 25g Pack of 352 - 1417-25-352
Fair CosmEthics are innovative and natural toiletries using Fairtrade certified ingredients. The high quality formulations are based on plant derived raw materials and include Fairtrade Certified cane sugar and Brazil nut oil.
Cane sugar is a natural cleanser and Brazil nut oil contains antioxidant and vitamin E for cell regenerating characteristics. The fresh and fruity scent vitalises the senses with frisky and floral notes embraced by warm flavours of fine woods, give character and individuality to the composition.