Fair CosmEthics Conditioner

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Product Code: 1415

Fair CosmEthics Conditioner 30ml Tube Pack of 70 - 1415-70
Fair CosmEthics Conditioner 30ml Tube Pack of 143 - 1415-143

The Fair CosmEthics conditioner is the perfect product for tangle-free, naturally smooth hair. The conditioner is enriched with Fairtrade-certified Brazil nut oil, known for containing antioxidants and vitamin E to ensure cell-regeneration, while the overall scent is a combination of sweet blood orange and pineapple, floral rose and jasmine, and undertones of warm, woody flavours including sandalwood and cedarwood. 

  • pH balanced/neutral 
  • SLS free
  • Fairtrade: collectively supporting farmers and workers in Africa, Asia and Latin America to improve working and living conditions to reduce poverty and to protect the environment long-term
  • Cruelty free
  • Brazil nut oil, cane sugar and olive oil are all Fairtrade-certified ingredients