300ml Classic Collection Empty Bottles

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Product Code: 1190_1191_1192_1193_1194_1195

300ml Bottle & Pump - Antibacterial Hand Wash - 1190
300ml Bottle & Pump - Clear Hand Wash - 1191
300ml Bottle & Pump - Pink Hand Wash - 1192
300ml Bottle & Pump - Shampoo & Shower Gel - 1193
300ml Bottle & Pump - Conditioner - 1194
300ml Bottle & Cap - Bath Soak - 1195
300ml Bottle & Pump - Hand & Body Lotion - 1196
300ml Bottle & Pump - Shampoo - 1197

This is a very economical solution because liquids come in 5 litre containers Click here from which you can fill these 300ml pump bottles which are supplied empty.

Many hotel guests will use a liquid in preference to wasting hard soap. The Classic Collection is one of our best-selling ranges of liquids. These screen printed bottles are now 300ml for your convenience to make filling easier and less frequent.

NB. These bottles are required to have a list of ingredients on them which match the Out of Eden bulk liquid products. For this reason they are not suitable for filling with any product other than the one specified. For more information on these regulations click here

Lovely smell, good quality.
Julia Hedley - 20 May 2018

I like the easy-to-lock pump.
Jan Wolfe - 12 February 2018

Just what we wanted
Philip. Ormrod - 14 October 2017

damage easily when dropped in shower
jen walsby - 01 September 2017

Really useful to have a spare...tenants keep walking away with the bottles every now and then!
Ann Morris - 03 August 2017