COVID-19 Cleaning Equipment and PPE

To help you, your family and your guests stay safe and hygienic in your home, business and guest accommodation, we have collated a selection of our catalogue to help you quickly and easily find the products you may need or find indispensable.  

Here you will find cleaning equipment and products including disinfectants and sanitizers suitable for domestic and commercial kitchens and bathrooms, guest bedrooms and areas used by the general public, including leading brands such as Bio-D, Flash, Zoflora, Fairy, Domestos and Nilco.

Our range also includes items of personal protective equipment (PPE) as well as all-important hand sanitizer gel and liquid along with sanitising hand wash, including 5 litre bulk refill sizes. You will also find a number of our hotel toiletry products such as Cole & Lewis, Eden, Be Different and Spa Works with liquid body wash and bars of soap which can all be effective in keeping hands clean and germ free.