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 Win 80 Pounds

Your Ideas Could Be Worth £80!

Have you heard about Out of Eden’s brand new monthly Great Product Ideas Competition?

We’re always keen to do everything we can to make your life easier and help you deliver the best possible service to your guests; and bringing brilliant new hospitality products to the market is just one of the innovative ways in which we do that.

That’s why we’re inviting all our customers to submit ideas for great new products which you think we ought to be offering, and the best idea received each month will win £80 (ex VAT) worth of Out of Eden products.

Whether it’s a completely original ‘lightbulb moment’, or a terrific idea you’ve seen somewhere else, we’d love to hear about it. And you might be surprised at just how many of our existing products have already come about this way.

Take our highly popular and ultra-practical Boot Trays for example. These were first suggested to us by one of our customers who had returned from a skiing holiday where the hotel provided similar trays in all the bedrooms; and they’re just as good at collecting British mud as Alpine snow.

Then there’s the unique and quirky Chalkboard Mug. Our Managing Director Mike Gannon spotted these while on holiday in New Zealand, and instantly knew we just had to supply them (and no, we didn’t let him charge the trip to research and development!)

Our Luggage Mat is ideal for more compact bedrooms which don’t really have room for a stand-alone luggage rack, and it’s an idea that was first spotted by a customer while holidaying on a cruise liner.

Even the simple yet brilliant Loo Roll Sticker, which perfectly finishes off a neatly folded end of loo roll, was an idea suggested by one of our customers following a call for problem solving ideas at an industry conference.

So what’s YOUR great idea?

However simple or grand it might be, if you have an idea which might just turn out to be a successful new hospitality product, then we really want to hear it. And if we think it’s got the makings of a viable product, we’ll get working on it.

Sometimes that’s just a matter of sourcing a great product which already exists and getting it into the Out of Eden catalogue. Other times, it can take a year or more to design and build a prototype, and extensively test a completely new product – and even then it might not make it into production if we find that it doesn’t wash well enough, or it isn’t strong or durable enough, or that it just can’t be produced for a realistic price.

But it doesn’t matter if your idea makes it all the way or not. If it’s the best idea of the month, you’ll be walking away with £80 of Out of Eden products of your choice.

Submit your ideas today by visiting our competition page. You’ll also find the link to submit your ideas at the bottom of our website home page, and we’re all looking forward to reading them.

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