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 Hospitality Hot List

The Hospitality Hot List

Do you ever find yourself wondering what your competitors are up to? Are the towels in their guest rooms as nice as yours? Do they provide more expensive toiletries? What sort of quality do they offer on their hospitality trays? Do they bother with bathrobes and slippers? It would be rather nice to know some of the answers, not least because it would help you gauge how your overall offering compares in terms of quality and value.

Unfortunately, booking into every local bed and breakfast or holiday cottage would make it a rather expensive research exercise; but you can easily get a good insight into what other people are doing by taking a look at the brand new Best Sellers page on the Out of Eden website.

The page features our 24 top selling products, and you won’t be at all surprised to find a few regular favourites in there like the very popular Envirosoft toilet rolls, our stylish and practical Reservations Diary, and the excellent value Ultra Sprung Hotel Pillows.

However, beyond these staple items there are some very interesting products which make it into the best sellers list, and which give a fascinating insight into what the industry is offering its customers.

For instance, would you be surprised to learn that the premium quality J Bed folding bed makes it into the best sellers list, whilst the standard Hotel Folding Bed doesn’t? Or that Acacia Wood Hospitality Trays comfortably outsell their plastic cousins?

Here's our top 5

In fact our Top 5 best-selling products provide a very clear picture of the level of quality which the hospitality industry as a whole is offering, and here they are:

At number 5, it’s inevitable that an in-room kettle features in the list. What’s interesting to note, however, is that it isn’t an economy model but in fact the top of the range Corby Chrome and Black 1 Litre Kettle.

Chrome Kettle

There’s not much point having a kettle if you can’t make a drink with it, and nudging ahead of the Corby Kettle at number 4 comes the ubiquitous tea bag. Again, there’s a clear message about quality in the fact that people are choosing our Clipper Fairtrade Teabags in favour of standard Cash and Carry alternatives.

Clipper Tea

Our number 3 best sellers are the Luxury 600g Towels, comfortably leading the 500g towels and again clearly demonstrating that quality counts.


The number 2 slot goes to a handwash, and you might imagine it would be a mid-range product or perhaps one of our popular 5 litre bulk containers. In actual fact, Out of Eden’s second highest selling product is the Cole & Lewis Lemongrass & Bergamot Handwash, making a very clear statement about people’s preference for a quality British-made product.

Cole and Lewis

And finally, with a suitable drum roll, the number 1 position in our best selling products list is proudly held by Border Biscuits; again proving that quality counts as people choose these delicious hand-baked British biscuits in favour of the countless cheaper products available elsewhere.

Border Biscuits

Why not visit our Best Sellers page today to see more of the UK’s most popular hospitality products and find out how you compare to the rest?

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