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 New Eden 300Ml

The Eden range: a style to suit everyone

At Out of Eden we are constantly improving our core product ranges to ensure you offer your guests the most on-trend, environmentally friendly and affordable products possible.

Our Line

Since its first launch over 14 years ago, Eden has remained our bestselling affordable collection, though price has never taken priority over quality.

Presented in smart, waste-saving sachets or individual bottles, you can still create that essential feeling of luxury, while offering toiletries that won’t cost the earth.

Accompanying the core collection of toiletries are natural hard soaps made on-site since 2010, produced from a natural vegetable base, with a choice of flow or pleat-wrapped packaging to complete the look.

New Refillable 300ml Eden Collection

Staying on-trend and eco-friendly

While individual travel-size toiletries are still a popular choice in B&Bs, holiday homes and hotels, refillable dispensers and bottles are only growing in popularity as a great environmentally friendly alternative. As a business we are always keen to incorporate greener products to our extensive range, which is why, following popular demand, our Eden range is now available in 300ml refillable bottles with accompanying 5 litre refills.

Made in Yorkshire, the home-county of our Founder Ian Hartley, the 300ml Eden collection is a great option when it comes to suiting your eco-minded guests. Not only is the packaging for both the bottles and the refill containers recyclable, the 5 litre containers will allow you to refill your 300ml bottles up to 15 times, saving on waste and money, time and time again.

The collection not only smells great with its fresh and fruity fragrance with its top notes of bergamot and lemon and base notes of musky amber, it also contains nothing but great ingredients too. Free from SLS/SLES, propylene glycol and TEA, the shampoo & body wash, hand wash and hand and body lotion boast all of the natural benefits of basil, cardamom, orange and peppermint essential oils to deliver a truly luxurious, nourishing clean.

Eden Single Bracket for 300ml Toiletries

A perfect fit

Whether offering refillable bottles or individual toiletries, presentation is key in order to create that great first impression.

For travel-size toiletries, a number of acrylic, slate-effect, and wooden toiletry presenters are available, to coordinate with your bathroom and ensure your toiletries are well-presented ready for the arrival of your next set of guests.

For refillable toiletries, handy brackets are available to display the 300ml Eden bottles, while remaining entirely tamper proof. Depending on the selection and location of the toiletries you offer, single and double wall brackets can be easily fitted to your walls and effortlessly refilled with our 5 litre bulk refills for time-efficient housekeeping.

7017 Slate Bathroom Presenter Eden 20Ml Bottles

It’s what’s on the inside that counts

Looks certainly matter when it comes to choosing a toiletry collection that’s right for your business and your budget, but we’d argue that it’s what on the inside that makes all the difference. With growing guest curiosity about what exactly goes into the items you offer in your establishment, it’s important to ensure the complimentary toiletries you offer tick every box.

That’s why we’ve ensured the pouches, sachets and bottles in the Eden collection are 100% vegan and cruelty free, fully enriched with natural extracts such as Aloe Vera and organic Passiflora, and continue to remain completely free from mineral oils, silicones and phenoxyethanol.

The sachets also make a great, greener alternative to traditional travel-size toiletries. Saving on both plastic and toiletry waste, their smaller size makes them perfect for short-term stays.

Alternatively, you can recycle the bottles after they've been used, or repurpose otherwise wasted contents using our Clean Conscience scheme.

1264 Eden 20Ml Bottle Welcome Pack

Ensuring a warm welcome

Gathering all of the essential toiletries and amenities together for each and every changeover can be taxing when preparing for your guests’ arrival, which is why we offer a range of welcome packs to make your life easier and changeovers quicker.

Our Eden welcome packs offer a selection of mini hotel bottles with the addition of a hard soap, a grooming kit and shower caps to ensure your guests have all of the essentials, displayed in a clear, convenient PEVA zippable bag.

If you are interested in receiving samples of the Eden range, please get in touch with our friendly Customer Services team on 01768 372 939, or contact

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