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A beautifully crisp, neat and spotless table cloth actually does make breakfast taste better.

There is no logic, rhyme or reason to this; but it is nonetheless absolutely true. When a guest enters the dining room ready for a hearty breakfast to kick their day off to the very best start, the sight of all the tables dressed in perfectly matching, immaculate table linen immediately tells them that this is an establishment where quality and attention to detail really matter. They haven’t even seen the food yet, but they already know it’s going to be delicious.

Take a good look around your dining tables just before service begins, and cast a close and critical eye over the table cloths and of course the napkins too. Does it all match, or have a few odd substitutions crept in at some stage when you were in a bit of a rush? Is it all immaculate, or are there some faint stains which the washing machine wasn’t quite up to removing fully? Does it look and feel like the finest quality?

Make a great impression

Table linen and napkins really make a huge impact on your guests’ impressions, and fortunately they’re really inexpensive to replace and upgrade.

Out of Eden stock no less than four different ranges of table linen and napkins, offering lots of choice in terms of both colours and materials, so we can provide the perfect linen to compliment any dining room style and décor.

Our Da Vinci cotton table linen comes in lots of different sizes, with both square and rectangular table cloths and matching napkins, all with an elegant ivy leaf design to create a timeless and elegant appearance for your dining tables. It’s 100% cotton in a 205gsm weight, with two fold warp yarns for added durability.

If you’re looking for something simple yet stunning, and perhaps a touch more contemporary, then go for the Rafael range of table linen and napkins. Again, it’s 100% plain white cotton in 205gsm weight, with an elegant woven satin band around the edges which creates a subtle statement of quality and luxury.

Get colourful

If you prefer to go for bold and vibrant colour, then the Kudos and Rosebery ranges are for you. The Kudos range is available in ivory, burgundy, forest, red and royal blue, as well as plain white. It’s made in easy care polyester but it feels like cotton, so it’s extremely durable and the vibrant colours will not fade with repeated washing. And the Rosebery table linen collection offers white, ivory, forest and burgundy in an easy care polyester linen which feels just like Damask.

If you have guests in over the festive season, then it’s a perfect time to re-stock your table linen and make sure your Christmas table looks absolutely perfect, so please call the Out of Eden team today on 01768 372939 or just order straight through our website.

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