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Steaming ahead with new laundry solutions

Let’s face it ironing is no-one’s favourite task, particularly when you have a busy business to run. Not only is the set-up of the iron and board a hassle in itself, but the laborious chore of ironing bed sheet after bed sheet is often the least favourite part of the job!

You’ll be pleased to know there is now a solution to your ironing woes with a brand-new product which will steam through your crumpled sheets in half the time…but not literally!

Introducing the new Blanca Laundry Press

This steam free, easy to use laundry press is the perfect compromise between a domestic lightweight press and a heavy-duty machine; offering a press that is perfect for businesses such as B&B’s, guesthouses, small hotels and restaurants.

The Blanca Laundry Press boasts a 46kg ironing pressure with a sturdy 780(W) x 570(D)mm design giving professional results through a manageable machine.

Knowing that you are likely to use your laundry press daily, this press is designed with longevity in mind. Its Teflon coated heating plate means it’s easy to clean and its robust design is proven to be a reliable investment.

Now to what you really want to know; is it hassle free and will it save time? The answer is absolutely yes on both counts! The steam-free design means there is no mess or fuss (however a spray bottle is provided for fabric dampening), and not only is the simple press action a breeze but you can press up to 4 layers at a time meaning it’s a super speedy process.

View the Blanca Laundry Press on our website.

Blanca Laundry Press

All you need to keep your guests impressed…

For guests who will only need to iron a small number of items during their stay, a traditional iron will do the trick. Take a closer look at our in-room products which include…

  • The Buckingham ironing board is a sturdy choice with a double V leg stand. It’s complete with mesh top and heat resistant rest.
  • The Addis board is a more compact board with a thick high-density foam lining and cotton case to cover.
  • Corby design their dry iron specifically for hotel use with a motion sensor to cut off heat when not in use.
  • Corby also provide a steam iron option which offers that same motion sensor capability with a 145ml capacity tank, and filling cup included.

See our full range of irons, ironing boards and iron centres here.

Order today

Out of Eden have all you could need to keep your guests happy, and you can order today on 01768 372939 or via our website.

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