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 Suzzling Hot Products

Sizzling Hot Products!

As Britain emerges from a scorching June heatwave which saw temperatures soaring to the kind of dizzying numbers that left the likes of Crete and even the Bahamas in the shade, and Mr Whippy running out of ice cream as fast as Boots ran out of factor 30, here’s a reminder of what’s still sizzling hot here at Out of Eden.

For the bedroom…

Fresh from the oven, delicious hand-baked Border Biscuits are a perennial favourite, clearly showing that the hospitality industry continues to offer guests real quality. Whether they’re on the guest room hospitality tray or served up with afternoon tea, you can count on Border Biscuits to delight even the pickiest of biscuit snobs.

Keeping the temperature at boiling point is our Eden Hotel Kettle. Practical and stylish, and available in black or white, this highly economical kettle packs a lot of features for such a competitive price. The 1 litre volume ensures you’re not paying to boil more than your guests will ever need, and the generous spout makes for easy pouring and minimal mess.

They say the best drink for baking hot weather is a nice cup of tea, and it’s our Clipper Teas which top the bestseller list in the beverage department. As well as the most popular Fairtrade Everyday Tea, we also stock an extensive range of flavours and infusions to satisfy every palate.

For the bathroom…

After a day out basking in the sunshine, your guests are really going to appreciate coming back to a refreshing and invigorating shower, and it’s the Cole & Lewis Silver Collection of hotel toiletries, with their chic and contemporary bottles and fragrances reminiscent of crisp fresh linen with gentle mixes of soft floral and herbaceous notes, that most of you choose to pamper them with.

Stepping out of the shower, the comforting softness of our Ultimate 500g and Luxury 600g towels are the favourite choices to add that extra feeling of quality and luxury to the bathroom experience; with face cloths, hand towels, bath towels, and bath sheets all available to order from our website.

For a further special touch in the bathroom or bedroom, Out of Eden Lucy Tissues and Envirosoft Toilet Tissue are our bestsellers of these lines.

And finally…

And as they finally lay their heads to rest after a long sunny summer’s day, it’s the Ultra Sprung Pillow which lulls the most guests to sleep. Filled with special heat crimped fibres to create a soft and durable spring-like filling, these durable pillows bounce back into shape and retain their shape for longer than other similar pillows.

Visit the Best Sellers page on the Out of Eden website today to see the full collection of the UK’s hottest hospitality products, or call us on  01768 372 939 to place your order. Then just put your feet up with a tall glass of Pimm’s while we get it all packed up and shipped straight to your door.

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