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Compact and convenient complimentary welcome packs

As a business, one of our core goals at Out of Eden is to consistently conceptualise, source and supply products that will save our customers on time and money throughout aspects of their business.

It's essential to use that we try and introduce new, innovative products to meet our customers’ ever-changing needs and requirements. With an increasing demand for individually wrapped, hygienic welcome packs, our refreshment packs, made exclusively by Out of Eden, are ideal for popping in all guest rooms, from B&Bs and hotels to self-catering properties and holiday homes.

Our cleaning packs are perfect for short term stays, especially those with a kitchen or catering area, providing just the right amount of cleaning supplies for your guests to keep on top of things during their trip.

Not to mention, as with all accommodation providers, there is always a demand for a quick turnaround ready for the next group of guests, and so thoroughly cleaning the property, replenishing supplies, and making sure everything is perfectly presented and in-place can be a demanding and time-consuming task faced daily. That’s where our packs come in.

Presented neatly in compact recyclable cardboard boxes, both the cleaning and refreshment packs contain everything your guests might need during the first few days of their stay.

Depending on the length of your guests’ stay or the group size, both the refreshment and cleaning packs come in two sizes to accommodate these differences. So just keep scrolling to figure out the pack most suited to your business...

Cleaning Pack No Bubbles Original

Compact Cleaning Pack

The compact cleaning pack contains all of the essentials your guests will need to accompany any kitchen facilities in a self-catering property, while still keeping things green.

The pack contains two biodegradable bin bags, a green-cleaning Claro washing up liquid in a conveniently-sized 20ml bottle, a disposable blue checked cloth for drying and wiping, and a sponge with a scourer to tackle any dirty dishes. The pack ensures all of the basics are readily available and in one compact place for your guests, while the pack itself is conveniently wrapped and contained in the supplied blue cloth with a label around it, meaning no need for extra packaging.

Shop the compact cleaning pack here

Large Cleaning Pack

Essentials Cleaning Pack

For self-catering accommodation that offers facilities such as a dishwasher and log burners, the Essentials cleaning pack includes all of those little extras needed without having to purchase standard retail pack sizes.

The pack contains three all-in-1 Claro dishwasher tablets that are entirely phosphate free and contain a water-soluble film, minimising water pollution and ensuring a greener clean. The pack also contains the accompanying 20ml Claro washing up liquid, a box of safety matches, as well as two biodegradable bin liners, a scourer sponge and a disposable blue cloth.

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4251 Welcome Refreshment Pack

Refreshment Welcome Pack

This generous refreshment pack contains all the welcome refreshments your guests might need, from teabags, to coffee sticks, to sugar sticks and milk.

Each pack includes:

  • 4 x Café Express Fairtrade Freeze-dried Coffee Sticks
  • 4 x Yorkshire Tea
  • 8 x Café Express Fairtrade White Sugar Sticks
  • 4 x Border Biscuits twin pack
  • 8 x 10ml Semi-skimmed Milk

Shop the Cafe Express refreshment pack here

4253 Family Welcome Refreshment Pack

Family Refreshment Pack

Te slightly larger Family Refreshment Pack contains everything your guests might require from teabags to milk sticks.

In addition to the biscuits, teabags, coffee, sugar and milk sticks, the Family Pack also contains 4 apple & blackcurrant Squash Stix and 2 Fairtrade Café Express hot chocolate sachets. This pack is ideal, therefore, for families with young children or those looking for an alternative to most standard hot beverages.

Shop the family refreshment pack here

The cleaning and refreshment packs are either sold individually or in small pack sizes, so for any personalisation or prices for larger quantities, don’t hesitate to get in contact with our customer services team on 01768 372 939 to discuss this further.

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