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 Joseph Joseph Bathroom Collection

Introducing the Joseph Joseph bathroom collection

Innovation is at the heart of everything we do at Joseph Joseph, that’s why we make it our aim to identify everyday problems and solve them by designing functional solutions.”

Antony & Richard Joseph, Founders of Joseph Joseph

Back in 2003, twin brothers Antony and Richard Joseph joined forces and, with their combined specialisms in business and design, Joseph Joseph was born. Founded from a passion for providing innovative and problem-solving products, they began creating a kitchenware collection that would transcend their humble beginnings in their grandfather’s factory in the Midlands, to become a globally recognised brand sold in 105 countries throughout Europe, Asia and America.

Joseph Joseph was founded with values similar to ours, starting out as a family-run business with an ethos for creating time-saving, problem-solving products. At Out of Eden, we have a passion for supplying innovative products that will make our customers’ lives easier. In fact, some of our bestselling products have even been the brainchild of some of our very own customers. That’s why we’re so excited to be a supplier of the Joseph Joseph bathroom range, as we know you’ll love the products just as much as we do.

Predominantly renowned for their kitchenware products, including the popular Totem waste compacting bin, the colour-coded chopping board set and a variety of utensils to make life just that much easier in the kitchen, their products have been increasingly popular in the hospitality industry. On branching out from kitchen accessories to bathroom, they regarded it ‘a natural progression’ to transfer their design knowledge from one room of the home to the next.

Voila! The bathroom collection was born. The first step was identifying what areas of the bathroom needed the most attention, as you can see below, and the rest is history! You can find out more about the ins and outs of developing the collection in their own blog, here.

In this week’s blog we’re taking a much closer look at just what makes this collection so great…

Behind the scenes of Joseph Joseph collection Joseph Joseph Separation Split Recycling Bin

Waste Separation Bin

If you’re looking to implement a recycling system into your guest room but you're not sure where to start, we have the perfect product for you. The Joseph Joseph waste separation bin combines stylish design with sustainable practice in a truly simple way.

The dual-compartment construct allows you to designate one section for general waste and the other for recyclable waste, providing an easy, hassle-free way of encouraging your guests to consider their waste during the course of their stay. The bin, with its 8 litre capacity, is an ideal size for bathrooms, bedrooms and kitchens particularly for short-term trips.

 When it comes to cleaning the bin, it’s safe to say Joseph Joseph have thought of everything with regards to practicality. Simply lift off the lid, pull out the smaller compartment and you're good to go. Everything can be easily rinsed clean ready for your next guests. If you wish to use liners for the smaller compartment to keep things even easier to clean, you can.

Joseph Joseph Flex Bathroom Toilet Brush

Toilet Brush

Who knew a toilet brush could be so smart? Designed to combat the issues surrounding conventional toilet brush heads, particularly difficulty in being able to reach all areas, the general lack of hygiene that comes with using a generic toilet brush, and the drippage between cleaning and storing, the Joseph Joseph toilet brush has been specially manufactured to resolve all of these everyday problems.

With its durable rubber head, the construct allows for unique flexibility to tackle all areas including under the often neglected toilet rim. The wide set bristles also combat clogging, ensuring dirt and grime effortlessly rinses off to guarantee absolute hygiene. Instead of telling you all the great things about this product, why don't we show you instead? Take a look:

Joseph Joseph Bathroom Soap Dish

Soap Dish

Following a surge in soap bar purchases in an endeavour to reduce plastic packaging waste, soap dishes have become an essential for any guest bathroom. In fact, we've recently added a whole selection for you to choose from, you can find those here.

Small in size for convenient sink-side use, the Joseph Joseph soap dish still fits a full-size bar of soap in while taking up half the room on a sink, while the non-slip base ensures it will stay put. The clever angled base, residue drip compartment and ventilation hole allow for both quick drying and cleanliness, as all soapy water leaks into the removable base of the soap dish and out of sight from your guests. Cleaning the soap dish couldn't be any easier either, simply pull apart the white dish from the grey base and rinse thoroughly.

Joseph Joseph Soap Dispenser

Soap Dispenser

If soap bars aren’t really your thing and you prefer refilling a dispenser with liquid soap (which you can find here) then the Joseph Joseph soap dispenser is the perfect product for you. When it comes to choosing refillable soap dispensers, though, it's important to consider the three most important factors:

1. Is it easy to clean?

2. Is it easy to top-up?

3. Does it match the rest of your bathroom?!

Luckily, the answer to all three questions is yes, yes and yes when it comes to picking the Joseph Joseph option. To clean, simply lift the lid off and you have access to all the contents inside and can give the dispenser a thorough clean. It's the same for refilling, too. Perhaps the best feature this dispenser offers is the fill-level indicator on the back. Hidden enough so your guests won't notice when the dispenser's running low, but obvious enough to you when it needs topping up. Thirdly, the minimal design and colour scheme makes it a perfect match for any decor, and when tied in with its counterparts in the rest of the collection, the coordinated range make for really impressive décor.

Joseph Joseph Bathroom Toothbrush Caddy

Toothbrush Caddy

The final part of the 5-piece collection, the toothbrush caddy, is essential for ensuring absolute hygiene and organisation for your guests. Split into 3 compartments, the caddy even fits electric toothbrushes into the smaller sections, while the base compartment not only separates from the rest of the caddy for easy cleaning of all toothpaste-y residue, but similarly to the soap dish offers an air vent for quick drying.

The caddy also dismantles into three pieces which can then be effortlessly cleaned in no time at all, ready for your next guest's arrival.

Individually these bathroom accessories make for simple but stylish problem-solving products, but together they make a perfect collection where style and innovation come together for a perfectly coordinated collection.

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