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Manage Your B&B Better With Our FREE Stock Order Inventory Template

Run your own B&B or guest house? Download our handy Stock Order Inventory spreadsheet which will help you keep on top of all aspects of your stock keeping and planning.

How does change-over day go for you?

Mountains of dirty laundry waiting for the washing machine while you do a panic dash to the bedding aisle at the local discount supermarket, grabbing anything which is vaguely the right colour to make up the shortfall in your linen cupboard?

Or picking and choosing from shelves groaning with so much excess stock that some of the jars at the back might well be of interest to the British Museum?

We know that stock control can be a constant headache in the hospitality industry, and potentially a rather expensive one too. Holding too much is akin to having wads of banknotes sitting on shelves gathering dust, as it creeps ever closer to its use by date and must then be consigned to the bin. Whilst under-stocking inevitably leads to unnecessary costs as well, because last minute panic buying always means paying over the odds; and that’s not to mention the added stress and wasted time involved.

All this waste adds up to an additional cost of many millions of pounds a year throughout the hospitality industry, and the fact that every penny of it is coming straight off your bottom line means there really couldn’t be a better incentive to get on top of it.

Whether it’s bed linen, loo rolls, or sugar sachets, the closer you are to the ideal middle ground, with never too much but always enough, the more efficient your operation is going to be. It’s a fine line, but with efficient planning and management, it’s a balance that’s nonetheless possible to achieve.

In a bid to help make the job of stock control as easy as possible, Out of Eden have developed a handy Stock Order Inventory spreadsheet which will help you keep on top of all aspects of your stock keeping and planning. It covers absolutely everything involved in running B&B or self-catering accommodation, from laundry and toiletries to cleaning materials and marmalade.

With its clear ‘room by room’ layout, we think you’ll find this spreadsheet greatly simplifies the task of keeping tabs on stock and helping you predict when, what and how much to order. It comes complete with handy product web links so in a single click you can view and order any item you might need, and you can even customise it to include precisely what you use as well as removing what you don’t.

You can download it completely free of charge below, and we’d very much welcome any feedback on how we might develop it in the future. And whether you prefer to order by phone or online, the Out of Eden team are always on hand with help, advice, and slick processing of your orders and deliveries.

We want your business to flourish and reward you properly for all your hard work, and we hope helping you to control your stock more efficiently will quickly pay welcome dividends.

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