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 Bedroom Stand Out From The Crowd

Little things to help you stand out from the crowd

With reopening dates almost here and international travel looking uncertain, guests are getting their bookings in at UK hotels for the summer period. The question is, with so many hotels to choose from, why should they choose yours? And how can you make sure that when international travel opens up, they want to come back.

We have put together a selection of products that can help you enhance guest experience, without the considerable cost.

Lifestyle Model In Bed

Invest in little luxuries

Often it's the little things that can transform a guests stay into something magical. Little touches like complimentary personalised chocolates with your business logo are a good example of a budget friendly product that feels special for guests.

Our Lavender & Geranium Pillow Sleep Spray is the perfect addition to any bedroom, particularly as we’re naturally tenser when sleeping in a newer environment. Calming amenities could really help to relax your guests while showcasing your genuine care for their quality of sleep. Whether you spray the pillows so the bed smells fresh and inviting for when guests go to bed, or leave it in the room for them to use, it is a unique and thoughtful touch that will make their stay with you stick in their heads.

As you know, people notoriously forget essential items when packing for holiday, you know the drill: often you will get a call to Reception at 8pm with someone asking for a toothbrush (and toothpaste!), then at 10pm someone has forgotten the ever essential makeup remover (letting you know that water and soap is definitely not working) and finally at 8am for shaving cream. Being prepared for your guests and being able supply them with these little amenities makes their stay memorable for your helpfulness and customer service - something that is of immense value to guests. We have a broad range of smart, white boxed amenities that will complement any range of toiletries, and you could charge for them as a way to make a little extra income.

There's a growing trend to have a hairdryer bag, as it's smart and stylish way to keep the plug and socket tidied away. A couple of slightly more unique touches, are our newspaper bag and laundry bag. Now instead of leaving the paper on the floor, it can be smartly hung on their door handle and guests can easily leave their laundry outside their room for your housekeepers to pick up. All of our bags can be embroidered with your business name or logo, making it feel just that touch more personal for your guests.


An affordable, effective way of enhancing your textiles and making your guests feel indulged. Lovely items to do this with are robes, slippers, towels, bed linen, aforementioned laundry & hairdryer bags, mini aprons and table linen. Our embroidered bath robes are particularly popular with our customers, a great way of building brand awareness for your business whilst providing a luxury stay.

A way of subtly stamping your business name and logo into their minds, so guests think of you when they next look at going on holiday.order-form-click.jpg

5528 Mini Corseto Espresso Machine

The extra mile

Often in hotels you get a kettle with coffee sachets which are good but really not the same as the coffee guests drink at home or expect when they're on holiday. So then they call down to reception to ask for a fresh coffee potentially disrupting breakfast service while a member of staff has to take a coffee to a room, or worse, you are forced to say no which isn't the best way to start a guests day. There is an alternative though, in-room coffee machines.

It is an investment to have one in each room, so maybe just having them in your suites or top-tier rooms to start with is a great step forward and a fantastic way to add that extra level of luxuriousness, and an extra selling point for your rooms.

A little way to stand out from the crowd and convert those extra bookings.



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