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Inside Out of Eden: 5 Questions with Claire

Claire is one of our Business Relationship Executives from Out of Eden’s Business Relationship Team. We're delighted to announce that Claire is officially back on the road and visiting our wonderful customers.

From Hexham, to Harrogate, to Hawick, Claire travels all around parts of the UK visiting our lovely customers with 10 or more bedrooms, to provide samples, arrange orders or just get to know all about you and your business. Whether you run an independent hotel, a caravan park, or even have a glamping site, keep reading to find out how Claire can help to enhance your business…

Meet Claire and the Business Relationship Team

Business Relationship Team

Hi Claire, can you tell us a little bit about your role at Out of Eden?

I joined the team as a Business Relationship Executive around three years ago from a retail management and hospitality background. An integral part of my role is very much about building and maintaining relationships with our customers, whether they’ve been buying from us for years or are brand new to Out of Eden.

Claire Business Relationship Team

My week is mostly spent visiting customers face-to-face, rather than contacting them over the phone or by email, as going to see our customers in person gives me an opportunity to gain a better understanding of their business, their needs and their requirements. Of course, appropriate precautions are taken including wearing PPE to ensure total safety during my visits.

My visits are also a great chance to ensure our customers are happy with the service and products we provide, and to just generally look at ways that Out of Eden can help to enhance their business. It’s a perfect time to receive any feedback on products, which I can then take back to the rest of the team to help us constantly improve the items we offer.

While my role revolves around growing that crucial relationship with our existing customers, a large part of my job is also familiarising new customers with Out of Eden and continuously staying up-to-date with current hospitality trends in different areas as we are always striving to provide problem-solving products and really help to resolve any recurring issues they may have in their business with our products. My knowledge of the industry and our products allows me to make suggestions and add a fresh perspective to really personalise the process and ensure I suggest the very best products to suit them, which in turn maximises their guests’ overall experience.

It’s also a great chance for our customers to give feedback on products, whether they work well or require some work, which I can then take back to the rest of the team to help us improve our products.

Can you describe a typical working day out on the road?

I tend to spend every Monday in the Out of Eden office so I can plan my week ahead and arrange appointments, collect samples from the warehouse and check in with my colleagues. The rest of my week is typically spent out on the road, with each day spent in a different county. I could be in Cumbria one day, Lancashire the next and Dumfries and Galloway another.

When I’m out and about I usually have around 4 or 5 prearranged appointments with customers within a specific area or region. While I’m in the area I’ll also do some call-ins to say a quick hello to existing customers to check everything is going OK in terms of our products or service, and also introduce myself to a few prospective customers in the same area.

Each visit tends to be different. I could be dropping off and discussing samples, arranging their next order or following up on how our customers got on with certain products – the list goes on! Whatever our customers require, I can stay for as little or as long as they need me to.

In between appointments I’ll reply to any calls or emails, arrange for samples to be sent, and quickly check in with my colleagues. If I have any orders placed by customers on the day, I’ll contact the office as soon as possible to make sure those orders are processed straight away.

When I’m not on the road or in the office, I also attend a lot of hospitality and industry-related trade shows throughout the year which is another great way to meet new and existing customers. So, if you see me at any shows, don’t be shy and say hello!

Who & where are the customers you tend to visit?

As mentioned earlier, I typically spend each day on the road in a different county, and the main areas I cover are:

  • Dumfries & Galloway
  • Cumbria
  • Most of Lancashire
  • West Yorkshire
  • North East
Map Of Claires Area

Most of the customers I visit are hospitality accommodation with 10 or more bedrooms.

They could be:

  • An independent hotel
  • A self-catering business with 10+ properties
  • Holiday letting agencies
  • Holiday parks such as glamping and caravan parks
  • Hotel groups
  • Training facilities with accommodation
  • City apartments

What’s the best bit about your job?

Definitely meeting new people. I really enjoy building & growing relationships with our customers and getting to learn all about them, their role and their business. I like that each day is varied; sometimes I’ll be meeting with the General Manager, the Housekeepers or even the owners of these unique businesses, and I love meeting all of these different types of people. Also, the fact that I’m able to visit customers in beautiful parts of the country has its perks too!

How can customers arrange a visit & what is the best way to contact you?

For anyone interested in arranging an appointment with me, they can get in contact by calling Customer Services on 01768 372 939 or the Business Relationship Team via email at

Alternatively, customers can also contact me directly any time via my email, by calling me on 07557746146 or you can find me on LinkedIn.

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