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How to make every guest feel like royalty ♛

Between the little lambs running around in the fields surrounding the Out of Eden site, and the excitement following the arrival of the third royal baby at the end of April, we’ve been feeling a little bit of baby fever in the office! So what better time to share our new baby & child products with you?

For parents, we know that when it comes to the first few trips away with the little ones it can be just a tiny bit daunting. Not only can a new environment, new people and new sights and smells disrupt a normal routine, taking a trip away also means parents don’t have access to their usual stash of essentials such as nappies, bottles and wipes, despite how much they try and stuff it all into their car or suitcase.

If the next guests to stay with you are a family bringing their children along, consider the ways that you can offer a helping hand with some convenient extras to ensure their stay is as easy and comfortable as possible to create those special memories with their new family.

No more bath time blues

Presented in a sweet house-shaped carton, which any toddler guest (or adult!) will thoroughly enjoy colouring in, our new Osmè Baby & Kids toiletry collection contains all the essentials for baby-friendly skincare: a nourishing skin cream, a hydrating hair & body gel, an extra gentle soap and a house-shaped sponge.

Though the packaging makes for a cute treat for each little guest, we also believe it’s what’s on the inside that counts. That’s why we think the Osmè collection is so great: firstly, it’s dermatologically and clinically tested and paediatrician approved, making the whole range suitable for even the most sensitive skin. It’s also free from silicone, parabens, SLS/SLES, colourants and mineral oils, meaning the extra gentle formula is full of nourishing ingredients with none of the bad stuff, so your guests can rest assured they’re using top-quality baby products on their own little prince or princess!

Apparently we’re not the only ones raving about the Osmè collection, as our suppliers recently shared that the Osmè range was titled 2017’s most innovative product and awarded the Silver star for the 2018 Star Award!

For an extra touch of fun, add a little rubber duck to the bathroom - it works as a perfect form of entertainment, and distraction, for the little tots during bath time!

Baby and kids toiletries osme

Bed time

For babies and toddlers, settling down and sleeping soundly in a new environment can be somewhat of a task. With a different room and bed, unfamiliar sights, sounds and lighting and a disruption of routine, getting the little ones to settle can be hard. We advise ensuring absolute comfort while retaining convenience for you, starting with the cot. Unlike other cots that require assembly, the Holibobs cot is easily assembled with no tools required, simply unfold, use, clean and fold away until next time. The comfy foam mattress is available with a waterproof coating to ensure your guests can easily clean up any little accidents during the course of their stay, without skimping on comfort with the supportive foam construct.

For extra comfort and cosiness, add a super-soft cot blanket to give that essential home-from-home feel. Our 100% natural cotton cot blankets, are the perfect touch to add a personal feel to their cot.

Home comforts

Don’t forget about the older kids too! Whether they’re babies, toddlers or kids, leaving out a box of toys, children’s books or even dress-up outfits can really showcase your care for the whole family’s quality of stay. You could even leave some sweets out for the older kids – but only after approval from mum and dad first to prevent an uncontrollable sugar rush! Keep an eye out for local, family-friendly events too and leave a brochure or two for your guests.

It’s also a good idea to always have a box of emergency supplies stocked away somewhere that your guests can easily find, filled with cotton wool balls, nappies, and wipes or face cloths. You never know just how much one spare nappy could save the day, and I doubt you want to find out what would happen without one…

And not forgetting the absolute essential for your other guests, the parents…

A strong, strong cup of coffee

A big, strong cup of coffee!

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