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Hotel Pillows and Mattress Toppers - Which To Choose?

You get what you pay for when it comes to pillows, and there’s no more certain way to give a guest a bad night’s sleep than to give them a worn out old pillow.

So our advice is to replace your pillows as often as you can afford to, with the best quality you can afford; and always put the newest ones on the top, with the slightly older ones underneath.

Which to choose?

Now there are lots of different types of pillow available, and it can be a little puzzling working out which is best; so here’s our brief summary of what’s what in the world of pillows:

Cheapest? Hollowfibre, but bear in mind they may only last one season. Ultra Sprung pillows are also very competitively priced, and they’ll last much longer thanks to their heat crimped fibres.

Best overall value? Ultra Soft Microfibre, Super Loft Microfibre, and Dusal Duck Feather & Down pillows all offer exceptional value for money. They’re soft, comfortable, and they hold their shape and loft very well indeed.

Longest lasting? Wash and Bounce pillows, no contest! These beautifully soft and non-allergenic pillows feature a completely loose fibre filling which means they don’t lose their shape no matter how hard you treat them. Wash them, tumble dry them, and bounce them back into perfect shape.

Affordable luxury? Our Dusal Goose Feather and Down and Down Surround pillows are both right up there in the quality league, using special combinations of goose and duck down respectively to create a pillow which combines opulent luxury with everyday practicality.

The very best? The clue’s in the name with the Dusal 5 Star Hotel Pillow! Chosen by many of London’s leading 5 star properties, these pillows combine duck feather and down with exquisitely made cotton cases to create a pillow fit for Royalty.

View our range of hotel pillows.

Pillows for bodies too

To give your guests the very best possible nights’ sleep though, it’s important to make the rest of the bed just as luxuriantly comforting as the pillows. And that’s where Out of Eden’s beautifully soft Mattress Toppers come in.

The Dusal Duck Feather and Down topper adds a whole 7 cm of softness to your existing mattresses, making for a truly exquisite sleeping experience which will keep guests warm and cosy through the chilliest of nights. The same feeling is also offered by the Dùsal Comforel Cluster Fibre topper, which is made in exactly the same way but features deep cluster manmade Comforel non-allergenic fibre.

Alternatively, our fully reversible Mattress Comforter provides an economical solution which still offers superb comfort thanks to its pocketed 10 ounce polyester fibre filling.

View our range of mattress toppers.

Expert advice

Out of Eden’s highly experienced team are always on hand with in-depth knowledge and expertise to help you choose the ideal pillows for your establishment, taking into account factors like market positioning, occupancy rates, and of course your budget.

Browse online or call our friendly team on 01768 372939 for helpful advice on which pillows and mattress toppers to choose, and make sure all your guests sleep as well as they possibly can.

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