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Guests seeking peace and quiet

The setting and serenity of a property is becoming increasingly important, with quality accommodation and ‘things to do’ not being the only factors in converting guest bookings.

Secluded, tranquil and peaceful are some of the search terms that are set to rise in popularity this year with a desire for ‘escapism’ travel predicted to gather pace as guests seek some much-needed down-time on their holidays.

People are increasingly consumed by ‘noise’; with information, experiences and interactions passing us by at an overwhelming rate and life seeming to whiz by in a flash, leaving travellers in need of a break from their fast-paced daily life.

Therefore, when it comes to finding the perfect B&B getaway, guests are increasingly seeking an escape to an environment which will help them to wind-down, relax and reflect. Travellers are increasingly searching for ‘quiet’ and ‘remote’ travel and this trend is set to continue over coming years with peaceful corners of the UK set to rise in popularity.

Some visitors are even going as far as a digital-detox during their getaways; turning off all of their devices for a true time-out, so this new trend appears to be one to take seriously!

So, if you boast countryside surroundings, a quaint village setting or coastal peace and quiet then it’s time to shout about it...not literally though!

Here’s a round-up of ways you can embrace this trend to sell yourself to those in need of a little down-time.


If your B&B is set amongst a truly tranquil setting then it’s time to embrace this new trend and promote your peaceful retreat for all it has to offer.

Be sure to incorporate some of these new buzzwords in your marketing collateral to capture the attention of the prospective guests and sell your property to those in need of a recharge.

Capture moments of calm

Let the photography in your brochures, leaflets, website and social media transport  guests away from their busy lives, allowing them to picture themselves winding down in your B&B. The right imagery is sure to stop them in their busy tracks!

Scenes of open spaces, rolling waves, roaring fires, sunrise and sunset will all whisk people away to your place of calm and tranquility, making the desire to book a stay with you even greater.

Know your audience

Often guests will be basing their booking decision on more than just your B&B, they’ll be planning how they will spend their time during their stay, before they even book! So, be sure to cater to the guests who are seeking more wind-down than action-packed in your ‘to do’ messaging.

This guest type won’t necessarily be looking for day trips and adventure activities, but are more likely to be longing to read a good book, or meander along untrodden paths and quiet streets, so bear that in mind in your marketing materials.

B&B’s have the advantage

Even if you’re not in the most peaceful location, you do have a quaint property to promote to these escapism guests, so put a peaceful spin on your guest experience to appeal to these guest types.

Avoiding hussle and bussle is a key driver for guests needing some quiet, so a B&B will be a good fit for these people; it’s a happy medium between having fantastic service on hand, without the mass of people clogging corridors, so be sure to promote this to prospective guests.

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