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 Glass Bottle Vase

Getting creative with our glass bottles!

We're a big fan of reusing, repurposing and recycling everything we can here at Out of Eden, and following the general consensus to fight the plastic problem, reusable items are quickly replacing plastic waste.

One of our top tips for going green in 2018 is replacing single-use plastic water bottles and milk cartons with glass ones that you can use again and again. Not only will making this swap save you some pennies and some unnecessary waste, there are also a million and one (or there abouts) different ways to use them.

Want to find out some of our favourite ways to repurpose our glass water bottles and mini milk bottles? Keep reading!

A berry cute way to display your fruit smoothies

Paired with our blackboard, fresh smoothies presented in mini milk bottles are a lovely, unique way to brighten up your breakfast table, and they're a great, healthy way to start your guest's day.

Smoothies in glass bottles Smoothies in glass bottles

How sweet do these sweets look?

Offering some complimentary, traditional sweets to your guest's rooms is a perfect way to impress your guests as soon as they check into their rooms. Presenting them in the mini milk bottles adds to the nostalgic feel, and will please both adult and younger guests alike!

Sweets 3

They make bloomin' good vases

Adding some fresh flowers to your guest's rooms or breakfast table is a lovely way to bring a sense of seasonality to your interior. For shorter stemmed flowers like daffodils, pop them into a couple of mini milk bottles for a sweet, subtle touch.

Daffodils in a glass bottle vase

Alternatively, for a more rustic feel, you could add some bright wildflowers or seasonal tulips to the 500ml or 1 litre glass bottles. They make a great statement piece in a muted decor, bringing a splash of colour and freshness to your breakfast table to really showcase your attention to detail.

Tulips in a Glass Bottle

Message in a bottle

Upon your guest's checkout, you could encourage them to leave a one or two word written review, completely anonymous, and pop it into one of the mini milk bottles. Then, once you've collected enough lovely reviews, create a poster from them to display in your hallway for each new guest to see.

Leave a Review

If you have any fabulous ideas about repurposing our products we'd love to see! Tag us in your pictures @OutofEden or hashtag #OutofEden on Instagram.

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Thanks for giving us this useful infiormation. Such a nice article. We learn how to reuse our water bottles.


Mostly glass bottles are airtight and watertight, making them ideal for storing certain perfumes and essential oils. It can also be used for storing medicines, as these vials can potentially keep your products safe and sealed, not only this but they are easy to fit inside your purse of bag.

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