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 Get Ready For Muddy Season

Get Ready For The Muddy Season

The warm, dry, sunny days of summer are a receding memory; and the bright, crisp and frosty winter mornings are still some way off. Welcome to autumn – the season of brisk walks through woodlands turning to a thousand shades of reds and browns; the season of evenings drawing in and cosy log fires; and if you’re an accommodation owner – the season of MUD!

It’s an unavoidable feature of autumn that every time your guests return from their days’ activities, they’re going to be accompanied by a fairly substantial quantity of filth which, unless you take active steps to intervene, is heading straight for your hallway, stairs, and bedrooms.

The tray’s where it stays

Out of Eden’s neat and practical boot trays should definitely be your first line of defence. Our tough, easy to clean, flexible rubber Hallway Boot Tray comfortably accommodates three pairs of wellies, trainers, or hiking boots; and the raised edges ensure that water and grime stay in the tray and clear of your floors.

Our exclusively designed rigid Boot Tray, made from injection moulded recycled polypropylene, also has raised sides to keep the muck contained, and neatly store those muddy boots.

All our Boot Trays are clearly marked with footprint designs so there’s no doubt about what they’re there for, and they are easy to wipe clean while everyone’s out for the day so the place looks clean and encourages them to keep it that way when they return.

Hospitality Boot Trays

For your second line of defence, choose high quality door mats which are up to the job of catching and holding as much grime as possible. Our Washable Entrance Door Mats come in two sizes and three colours, and can absorb up to a staggering 4kg of dirt and moisture per square metre; while our Dirt Trapper Door Mats have a super-absorbent 100% cotton pile and offer four colour choices in two different sizes. And for an extra special touch, you can even welcome your guests home with a Personalised Door Mat. These come in three size and colour options, and can be printed with any message you wish.

All our door mats have anti-slip backings and are easy to wash and dry, making them a simple and effective means of stopping the muck in its tracks.

Bandb Door Mats

View our range of hospitality boot trays and door mats.

Paw’s for thought

However, there’s one type of guest who will perpetually ignore any attempts to get them to clean their feet before marching across your carpets; and we’re talking, of course, about our canine friends. The aroma of soggy dog can be quite a problem if it’s allowed to permeate through your accommodation, not to mention the unsightly trail of paw prints, but Out of Eden’s special Dog Towels and Dog Mats provide the perfect means of cleaning them down and giving them a comfy bed which also makes an effective barrier between pet and carpet.

Dog Hospitality Packs

View our range of dog friendly accommodation packs.

You can’t stop autumn being muddy, but with Out of Eden’s help you can go a long way to keeping the mud where it belongs.

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