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 Towel Elephant Tutorial

Towel Art Tuesday: How to make a towel elephant

Following the popularity of our towel animals on our social media, we thought we’d, ahem, address the elephant in the room and show you just how we make them. This week, we've created a video tutorial on how to create our personal favourite, an elephant, featuring our brand new luxury petrel blue towel shades.

Towel animals are perfect for any accommodation to add a little bit of character to a room, and are perfect for entertaining any guests from young children to older guests alike. Why not show your fun side by adding a towel animal to your guest beds or bathrooms as your guests are sure to love them!

Keep scrolling for the video and step-by-step guide:


Step 1: Lay the bath towel out flat

Step 2: Fold over the edges

Step 3: Begin rolling from both sides until the rolls meet in the middle

Step 4: Fold over the two rolls to create four 'legs'

Step 5: Set the towel aside, grab the hand towel and lay it flat landscape

Step 6: Fold in the top two corners

Step 7: Begin rolling the two edges in until they meet in the middle

Step 8: Pick up the towel and pull down the front piece. Then fold the 'ears' inside out to create elephant ears

Step 9: Place the head on to the body

Step 10: Leave out on your guests' beds as a lovely surprise and personal touch!

Take a look:

Don't forget to share your towel animal pictures with us as we'd love to see them! Tag us on social media or use #OutofEden.

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