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Corby Partnership Proves A Great Success

In July 2016, Out of Eden launched a strategic partnership with the iconic British brand Corby of Windsor to enable the UK’s smaller accommodation sectors to access these prestigious products on a level footing with even the largest of global hotel groups.

One year on, and the partnership is proving a huge success for both ourselves and Corby, but most importantly of all, for our customers.

One small B&B or self-catering business, wanting perhaps a couple of trouser presses, three kettles, and a minibar, simply can’t order the kind of quantities which attract the significant discounts available to worldwide corporations who order hundreds and sometime thousands. But the combined buying power of all our customers channelled through Out of Eden means it has become a reality from which everyone can benefit.

And equipping your accommodation with these world-leading products certainly sets you head and shoulders above your competition.

What are these world-leading hospitality products?

A guest house bedroom boasting a Corby Trouser Press is, after all, really rather impressive. A self-catering cottage with the thoughtful additions of a digital safe for peace of mind, and a superbly designed and built integrated ironing centre, as opposed to a supermarket iron and a wonky ironing board, is a cottage which shouts quality at the top of its voice.

A Corby branded hospitality tray, kettle, and hairdryer too all just keeps on repeating that all-important message of uncompromising quality.

Out of Eden’s range of Corby products now includes a selection of both dry irons and steam irons, along with stylish holders for both irons and ironing boards, and of course the fully integrated ironing centre with its anti-theft iron. We have two sizes of minibar fridges, in 35 or 40 litre capacities, and two choices of Corby hairdryers – the white 1200 watt mounted model or the 1600 watt chrome and black model. There’s also the very stylish Corby chrome and black 1 litre kettle, along with a range of beautifully designed hospitality trays. And finally, of course, the product which is synonymous with Corby and all it stands for, the world-famous Corby Trouser Press which is available in a choice of oak, walnut, or black ash finishes.

There’s standard… then there’s Corby!

Exceeding your guests’ expectations is key to building your reputation in a competitive marketplace, and the Corby brand name on a range of items in your guest accommodation is one sure-fire way of achieving this. Other kettles could do the job perfectly well, but here it’s a Corby kettle. A communal iron with a tangled cord is pretty standard, but here we get our own integrated Corby ironing centre. There are of course other perfectly adequate hairdryers, and then there’s Corby hairdryers. These are the constant subliminal messages which Corby products deliver to your guests.

You can view the full range of Out of Eden’s Corby of Windsor products on our website, or you can always call our team on 01768 372 939 for help and practical advice.

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