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Combatting the 3 Ps: Plastic, parabens and palm oil

The last few years have undoubtedly been pivotal for raising awareness surrounding what goes into the products that we buy, use and eventually throw away, and just how much this can impact us and our planet.

The momentum for going plastic free and making environmentally-conscious decisions when choosing products is only increasing. With the fast-approaching summer months bringing an opportunity to try new things within your business, what better time to try and implement some greener products into your guest rooms?


The plastic problem is still very much a heavily debated topic with regards to the production and circulation of single-use plastic in packaging and products alike, and more importantly where it ends up if non-recyclable, most predominantly in landfill or in our oceans. Previously, especially in the hospitality industry, individual single-use products such as toiletries and consumables have long-been expected as complimentary touches that, quite often, go to waste. Now, following increasing awareness surrounding the negative impact single-use plastic is having on our environment, these extra touches are slowly becoming less about adding luxury and more a cause for consumer concern.

Vegware Compostable Cups

In-room essentials, such as plastic tumblers, are one of many examples of single-use plastic that could easily be swapped for a greener alternative. Constructed from a corn starch-based construct, these Vegware clear tumblers contain absolutely no plastic, making them ideal for composting and a great way to eliminate an element of your business’s plastic consumption. In the right conditions, the compound can break down in just 12 weeks, unlike traditional plastic bottles that can take more than 500 years to fully decompose.

This also isn’t to say that you shouldn’t offer your guests those anticipated luxury extras, rather just to be more conscious of the waste that comes with them. For instance, as an alternative to offering biscuits on your welcome trays, these Buttermilk individual bite-size fudge portions are packaged in responsible, fully compostable wrappings. Available in three flavours, caramel sea salt, vanilla and clotted cream, these Buttermilk fudges offer a little taste of Cornwall while adding an indulgent, yet eco-conscious, touch to your bedrooms.

We even offer luxury hotel quality bedding filled with fibres produced from recycled plastic bottles. Yep, you heard right! Recycled plastic bottles. Using an incredibly innovative and sustainable recycling process which ensures ethical working conditions and a reduction in the use of CO2, water and land, both you and your guests can sleep easy knowing these dream duvets are helping to fight the plastic problem.

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Palm oil

Following the scrutiny surrounding the environmental impact of palm oil sourcing, palm oil has very quickly become the new plastic in that it’s facing a similar demand from consumers for sustainable alternatives. A big misconception surrounding the sourcing of palm oil, though, is that in order to combat the damage associated with it, is to abolish palm oil from production entirely.

This solution, however, is not sustainable long-term as locating alternatives is a costly endeavour which will simultaneously have a detrimental effect on the working lives of those in the palm oil supplying trade. The most efficient way to combat the impact of palm oil with regards to deforestation, minimising pollution and protecting wildlife therefore, is to instead to invest in ingredients and products that contain responsibly sourced palm oil.

Our hard soaps, for instance, that have been manufactured on-site in Cumbria since 2010, and are produced from soap noodles containing sustainably sourced palm oil. Only roughly 20% of the world’s palm oil is sustainably sourced, and we are committed to supporting the production of sustainable palm oil.

Refillable Cole & Lewis toiletries from Out of Eden


With the new season comes a great opportunity for a refresh, whether this be in your guest bedrooms, bathrooms, or business altogether. A great way to update your guest bathrooms is with some new toiletries, which can also be a great way to complement your business values.

Now more than ever consumers are becoming increasingly conscious about the ingredients in the toiletries they use, and complimentary toiletries offered in your establishment are no exception. As well as our hard soaps, our exclusive Cole & Lewis 300ml and 480ml refillable toiletry collections are completely free from ingredients such as parabens and SLES/SLS. Instead, they’re a proudly British-made product created with essences of natural herbal and floral essential oils, in three versatile collections: Wild Fig & Iris, Lemongrass & Bergamot and our latest addition, Orangewood & Neroli.

Not only are you saving on plastic by opting for larger bottles as an alternative to individual travel-size toiletries, you also have the option to refill the original bottle time and time again with our 5 litre refill bottles, thus saving you even more plastic.

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