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We're cel-TEA-brating National Tea Day!

Did you know Saturday 21st April is National Tea Day? At Out of Eden we’re up for any excuse to celebrate a good brew, so we thought we’d share the love and compile a list of the most far-fetched, funky and above all fas-tea-nating tea facts we could find! Enjoy…

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Talking of facts...

While we're on the topic of tea-related facts, we thought we'd tell you a few of our favourite facts about Clipper. They tick all the ethical and eco-friendly boxes, and taste pretty good too!

1. Clipper are going plastic free

The string & tag bags have always been completely free of polypropylene or plastic materials to seal the bags due to the string and tag bags being tied together with, you guessed it, string! But, this month, Clipper have publically made moves towards going entirely plastic free in their teabags across the board. Watch this space!

2. They're also compostable

Because they do not contain propylene or polymer fibre for sealants, the string & tag bags are completely suitable for composting, and it won't be long until this applies to all Clipper teabags!

3. All Clipper teabags are unbleached

…unlike the majority of tea companies that ‘bleach’ their teabags in order to make the bags seem more attractive and appealing, often producing a lighter shade. The bleaching process includes exposing the teabags to a bunch of chemicals, which, essentially, are possibly still present when you’re making your brew. However, when you have a cup of Clipper tea, you know you’re only drinking the good stuff!

4. Clipper teas are Fairtrade

In 1994, Clipper became the very first Fairtrade tea company in the UK! By investing in Fairtrade, you’re contributing to better home and work conditions, fairer prices and a more sustainable future in the developing world.

5. They're a British brand

So in purchasing Clipper teas you're supporting a great, quintessentially British supplier and reducing your carbon footprint. What's not to love!

And that’s not all! Next month we have National Biscuit Day, so watch this space for a celebration of another hospitality tray staple… Which is basically just an excuse for us to eat more yummy biscuits…

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